Minutes from Employee Council Meeting of September 27, 2001

Meeting called to order at 1:00 p.m. by Monte Parsons, Co-Chair

Guest speaker: Leonard Sandridge, Executive Vice President and
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Sandridge began by requesting (informal) feedback from the Committee regarding what he had to offer to this meeting on concerns of world events since the September 11th attack has had an enormous impact on us as it has affected our "home life and work life." There are 120 UVa Alumni that have WTC listed as their address. We are fortunate, that all of us at UVa, faculty, staff, and students have shown a coming together.

Mr. Sandridge shared the following information:

  • UVa EAP - Blood Drives, Red Cross will be at football games accepting donations.
  • Reservists being called to Duty are employee, spouse, sons, daughters, and other family members.
  • Employees and students frightened to travel, not restricted to airline travel.
  • If employees were stranded away from UVa following the 9/11/01 attack, they are not required to take the time away from work as Annual Leave. Supervisors to use their "common sense approach."
  • Security and Safety - has been given lots of thought - there are good emergency plans in place.
  • Pulling all plans together, i.e., where, what, communicating if an emergency WEB Site for school closings, etc.


  • Alarm System in Private Clinic to be investigated so that people know when it is an actual alarm. On the average 1 of 80 alarms are real vs. accidental.
  • Fontaine Research Park - currently the Albemarle County Police are contacted if an emergent situation arises, however consideration is being given as to using County Police vs. UVa Police. It was also noted that there are Emergency Phones only located in one area of that parking facility rather than throughout the lot - this is being looked into. Also noted was the fact that ID Card access is in place at Fontaine, however it is not implemented.
  • Away from the main grounds - the entire University is being looked over for areas/ways to find the right ways "to fix" - to have the necessary precautions in place for people to feel comfortable, prepared, and organized. We need to "re-think strategies" our security, more uniforms, less entrances, cameras. Mr. Sandridge welcomes your feedback and suggestions, ideas, concerns, criticisms, and comments.

Other items addressed by Mr. Sandridge:

  • Oracle - Re: Complaints of too many classes/too much training:
    Mr. Sandridge thanked everyone for doing such a really great job through the difficult transition period. What seemed to be lengthy training sessions were set up to avoid failure. The training was thought to be adequate and reasonable for the user for their level of expertise, to be able to access data. However they are re-evaluating the transition for the next phase, which is to be brought up (HR) next July.
  • Assigned Parking - Requests to Vacate/Refund:
    Asking employees to vacate their assigned parking place happens rarely, about once every three years. The games that are scheduled for these particular timeslots are done so by ESPN, not the University. You always have an option for reasonable, alternative parking in advance. Other options may include the South garage, the main hospital parking garage and Central Grounds also has parking available. If an alternative is not given, contact Parking & Transportation, you should get a reasonable and courteous answer. If, however, you do not get a reasonable, courteous answer, Mr. Sandridge said that you may contact him at 924-3252.
  • Holidays - Labor Day should be on the list
    Labor Day - It is on our work schedule due to educational purposes - new students need to get acclimated and orientated. If you are in need of this day off, you should contact your manager and be able to switch with another employee.
  • Fontaine - 545 Ray C. Hunt Drive, PM&R requesting picnic tables & chairs for employees, guests, patients use. Mr. Sandridge said the owner of the building usually purchases such items - Mr. Sandridge will see to it that these are obtained.
  • Employees question regarding "purchasing time toward retirement." Since service is individually based, you are to contact the Benefits office at 924-4392 regarding buy back time, etc.
  • Urology Department - shortage of patient short-term parking
    Patient parking- note the following areas are available: The East & West parking garages, as well as Hospital Drive are designated for patient parking. Valet parking and van shuttles to drive patient to the appropriate building are also available. In the next five years, we will be seeing structured parking lots at the University rather than ground level parking. They are trying to find solutions. If you are still experiencing difficulty with parking situations, Mr. Sandridge said to call Jay Levine at 924-5147 and speak with him personally.
  • Searches:
    • Medical Center - CEO
      Mr. Sandridge reported ["more than one sound"] there is good progress and an active search has taken place, therefore we should be a conclusion in a few weeks.
    • Dean/VP
      Job description is almost complete, as they are in the early stages of the search, however, they are striving to have named by end of calendar year.

William (Bill) Vining spoke of the Long Term Disability benefit premium raise:

  • Premium raised 300% - fewer people in plan due to the separation of the Medical Center from the University, and they now have their own plan.
  • Bids are being obtained for a plan with a lower premium, (and pre-existing conditions ?)
  • A question was raised as to whether UVa can join other state agencies to increase the size of our "pool" to enable premiums to be lower.
  • It was suggested that we contact our State legislatures to vote to open the VSDP Plan for another open enrollment.

Anda Webb, Provosts Office:

A budget is being prepared to present to the Governor, which is due 10/15, for 12/20/01 deadline.

  1. Initiative from Medicine Graduate Financial Aide
  2. Base Budget presented at this time.
  3. Salary increase budget is separate will be presented at another time.

Next meeting: Thursday, October 18, 2001 at 10:00 a.m.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.