Health System Academic Research Employee Council Minutes on August 16, 2001

Attendance: Shirley Naylor, Nancy Kriigel, Jane Adair, Jim Stork, Johy Podraza, Leigh Ann Bush, Tammy Snow, Lynn McCutcheon, Todd Campbell, Pat Harlow, Brenda Crider, Kathleen Sagarino, David V. Smith, Carol Merica, Kathleen Foster, Marie Austin-Johnson, Anda Webb, Bill Vining, Monte Parsons, Mary-Leigh Thacker, Paula Keeney, Kathleen Ashe and Kanisha Adkins.

Tony Motto, the Energy Program Manager from Facilities Management (FM), was the first to address the council. He has been running the energy management program ( for the university since the program began in 1994. He is interested in getting the word out about saving energy at the university. Since 1986, there has been a quarterly newsletter called Watt's Happening that has been sent to management and facilities coordinators. Beginning with the issue that came out last month, every employee should have received a copy; the newsletter will continue to go to everyone. It addresses progress the University is making with energy conservation (including recycling), and gives ideas of ways to conserve electricity in the home and at work.

There are things that we can do at the University to save energy:

  • Use a motion detector in offices - this will cause the lights to be turned off if there is no motion for more than 20 minutes. Facilities Management will install the sensors at no cost to the departments. Your desk must be in sight of the switch, so it can detect your movement. If you are interested in seeing if your office can be fitted for a motion detector, e-mail Tony Motto or call him at 2-5893 with your building and room number. He will send someone to replace the switch. Again, this service is free, but they cannot be installed if you are at Republic Plaza, or other similar leased space. They also cannot be installed if the lights are on a dimmer switch.
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. The fluorescent bulbs are 75-80% more efficient than the incandescent ones (which put out 90% heat and only 10% light) and they last for 10,000 hours in comparison to ~700 for the incandescent bulbs. FM is also replacing lights throughout UVA with new technology that will use less energy and provide improved lighting on grounds.
  • Don't use screen savers! Instead set your computer to go to sleep mode after a set amount of time in Control Panel. This alone will save between $60-100/year. Also don't leave your computer on overnight. By turning off your computer and printer, a great deal of wasted energy can be saved.
  • When purchasing equipment, look for the Energy Star symbol. This equipment is assured to be more energy efficient. Energy Star equipment usually costs more to purchase, but over time, you save greatly on the operating cost.
  • Don't use halogen bulbs. They are very dangerous because they produce so much heat, and they waste an enormous amount of energy. They are not allowed in UVA dorms.

The University has won 6 or 7 awards for its energy saving efforts over the past few years. This year UVA was one of only two universities to win the Energy Star Partner of the Year award sponsored by the EPA and the Dept. of Energy (DOE). Christy Todd Whitman, EPA Administrator, gave the opening remarks at a banquet in DC honoring all partners in the Energy Star Program.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or e-mail Tony. If you have concerns over lighting issues (insufficient nighttime lighting), please contact Jay Coleman at 2-4641.

Anda Webb was the next to address the council. They are posting three positions in the Provost's office (receptionist, staff assistant, and a general faculty position, Asst. to the Provost). Please let any interested people know about these positions. Other news:

  • The Rewards and Recognition plans are due from each division of the university. They will begin to look at them soon, and the programs should be in effect by 10/1/01.
  • The health insurance subsidy has begun for the graduate students. So far, 2/3rds of the students have received the subsidy.
  • The ISP team has begun work on Oracle Human Resources. They still need a team leader for the faculty HR section.

Kathleen Sagarino, from Physical Medicine, was elected as the third co-chair for our council for 2001-02. She will serve with Monte Parsons and Terry Moore.

Bill Vining addressed the council next. There is a second round of Open Information Sessions for the new performance plan available on the HR web page at People are disappointed that there is no money in place to fund the performance plan. It is still undetermined whether or not the governor and the general assembly will enact a caboose bill. Currently, state revenue is less than projected. It is unknown how this will affect the raise situation for state employees and disappointing since the new plan offered so much.

The in-range adjustment process seems to be working well. UVA has processed many increases to employees. Since there is no central funding, the money has come from department budgets. Happily, a large percentage of the increases have gone to those in the first 3 pay bands. Currently, the only option for raises is the in-band adjustment under the new compensation plan.

HR has a limited number of $5 off coupons for the Virginia State Fair. If you plan to attend, e-mail Bill Vining with your name, box number and the number you need, and he will try to send some. He is trying to obtain more coupons.

Old Business: Reminder that a day trip has been planned by the UVA Health System Travel Group on Saturday, October 13th to go to Washington DC for a day of sightseeing and an optional dinner at Hogate's Restaurant and show at the Kennedy Center to see Shear Madness. The cost for all 3 (transportation, dinner and play) is $78.00 per person. The seating is limited to 57 seats, so make your reservations now!! The deadline for payment is September 13th. If you need more information or a registration form, e-mail or call Mary-Leigh Thacker (3-0226).

Leonard Sandridge, Executive Vice President and COO, will be our guest speaker at our September meeting. Please send any questions that you would like him to address to Monte Parsons. Monte will submit any questions to Mr. Sandridge about one week prior to the September meeting.

The minutes for the July meeting were approved, and the meeting was adjourned.