Health System Academic & Research Employee Council Minutes on Thursday, June 28, 2001

Present: Jane Adair, Kathleen Ashe, Stephanie Bingler, Leigh Ann Bush, Kathleen Foster, Ann Goodson, Camille Hicks, Paula Keeney, Jim Kennan, Nancy Kriigel, Della Marsh, Bonnie Martin, Ally Mawyer, Jane Michael, Monte Parsons, Trish Reilly, Dave Ripley, Karen Rush, Jim Stork, Mary-Leigh Thacker, Bill Vining, and Anda Webb

Leigh Ann Bush chaired the meeting as Daweslyn Butler has taken a leave of absence. She welcomed any new members, and all those attending the meeting introduced themselves.

Ann Goodson, the new Health Care Ombudsman, stopped by to introduce herself. She will begin her duties on July 2. The newly created position in Human Resources will report directly to Tom Gausvik, Chief Human Resource Officer. Ann has 23 years of nursing experience, and hopes to apply her clinical background to her new role. She will be responsible for reviewing cases and promoting health through newsletters and the internet. Ann will help employees know their responsibilities regarding the UVA Health Plan and work with them to navigate through the system.

Jim Kennan stated that this would be his last presentation to our employee council. The Board of Visitors met June 14 through June 16. A budget for the Health System was adopted in the finance committee. The Medical Center is still in the black, even though it has been a challenging financial year. Dr. Cantrell gave a presentation on healthcare about his 25 years here, with the last seven as Vice President & Provost. Overall things have gone well.

Other news:

  • HCFA (Healthcare Financing Administration) has changed its name to CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services). They have removed UVA from immediate jeopardy. The close review is part of our times. It is also happening at other universities. John Hopkins has had some difficulties with their research programs. It is painful though, because UVA employees work hard.
  • At the airport outside of Wise on July 20-21, thousands will be able to have health screenings. Fifty HCPs, MDs, RNs & lab techs from UVA will attend to help with the effort. Problems for the south west Virginia area include proper dental care and eyeglasses. It is good that UVA is taking a role in the project.
  • Jim gave an update on the bus safety straps that were to be added for shorter employees who have to stand on the buses. Our council was told these would be provided over a year ago. Per David Klaus, who is in charge of bus operations, P&T ordered and received the straps. The problem was the straps were too long and posed a safety hazard. They are currently being resized, and should be installed in the next several weeks.
  • The realignment of the Health System effective July 1st will mean that the Health System, which currently consists of the School of Medicine (SOM), School of Nursing (SON), Health Sciences Library & Medical Center, will stop existing as the Health System. The Medical Center will have a CEO who will report to Leonard Sandridge, who reports to John Casteen. The SOM and SON will report to the Provost. It hasn't been decided whether the library will report to the Dean of the SOM or to the Provost. Health Services Foundation will continue to have a liaison relationship with both the SOM and Medical Center.
  • The Office of the Vice President and Provost will be closing on Friday, June 29th. Camille Hicks and Janet Yunnesi will be joining the SON. Mary Daniel Brown will be working in the Provost's Office. Dr. Cantrell, Pat Williams and Jim will be opening the Virginia Health Policy Center on Monday, July 3rd. Dr. Cantrell will be on a sabbatical for one year, while Pat and Jim get established. They will relocate from McKim in approximately 3 months.
  • Jim bid the council a sad farewell. He said his role as Dr. Cantrell's representative had been an enlightening and enjoyable experience. He remains impressed that so many of the concerns expressed at the council meeting concerned our patients.

Jim introduced his replacement, Anda Webb, Associate Provost. Twelve schools report to the Provost. Offices are located in Madison Hall and Fontaine Research Park. Anda has a background in computing, and came to UVA from Mississippi in 1987. She said she was happy to be associated with our council. Beginning September 1, there will be a new Provost, Gene Block. The current Provost, Peter Low, will be returning to the law school. Anda said that Gene Block would be glad to speak to our council. She also asked us to let her know of any concerns.

Bill Vining spoke next. He will present a short orientation for new members at the July meeting. He thanked the new representatives for agreeing to serve. The council is an opportunity to report to employees on what is happening at the university.

At the executive employee council meeting, Tom Gausvik gave an update on the next section of the compensation plan for agency 207 employees, the rewards and recognition policy. Mary-Leigh Thacker e-mailed Bill to ask if an update on the policy could be given at our meeting. Since Bill just returned from medical leave, he introduced Dave Ripley, Chief Compensation Officer, Human Resources, to give the update.

Dave stated that the reward and recognition policy is part of the new compensation plan that began 9/25/00. Another piece, the in-band adjustment began 12/25/00. The reward and recognition policy is effective 7/1/01, but a plan needs to be developed by each school. The plans need to be submitted to the Provost by 8/15 for approval by 10/1/01.

Key Points:

  • The annual performance evaluation recognizes performance through the year, but the reward and recognition program will allow managers to recognize performance when it happens, anytime within the year. A similar plan may be developed for faculty and agency 209 (Medical Center) employees.
  • Classified staff can receive up to $1,000 in money or non-cash gifts and 5 days leave. This will be another tool for supervisors. When HR met with Leonard Sandridge, he liked the policy. Departments could hand out theatre tickets or meal certificates as a thank you on the spot.
  • There are 3 levels of awards. The awards are processed on the monthly payroll cycle. Cash awards will be taxed, so the IRS gets their share. Any non-monetary gift < $100 will not be reported, and taxes will not be withheld. Some employees may prefer a non-monetary gift such as a clock that they can look at everyday instead of money, which is quickly spent.
  • The 2 types of award are planned awards and immediate awards. Supervisors can recognize both individual and team efforts with the reward and recognition policy.
  • Several schools have formed committees to decide how to implement this policy within their school. Some committees include classified staff.
  • The third piece of the compensation plan will begin later this fall. It allows exceptional recruitment and retention rewards up to $10,000. This will give UVA another opportunity that hasn't been available in the past.
  • UVA HR has processed 875 in-band adjustments for over 20% of employees. UVA has spent more money on these adjustments than in the past. The average classified increase (including premium pay, reallocations, in-band adjustments and 11/25 increases) was 5.2% versus a market change of 4.2%.
  • There will be no increase on 11/25/01 for agency 207 classified staff, because the General Assembly (for the first time in history) did not approve a budget. There is every indication that Governor Gilmore will include a pay increase retroactive back to 11/25/01 when the General Assembly meets in January 2002. A retroactive increase may not be approved until March or April 2002.

Bill Vining stated that he would miss Jim Kennan on the council as well. Jim has been involved with the employee council, since he was the administrator of Blue Ridge Hospital (BRH). When they decided to expand the employee council from the original Medical Center council, Bill approached Jim at BRH. Jim has always been a champion for the council and will be missed.

Bill attended the medical center employee council last week. Employees in the medical center are feeling the pain from the recent publicity and unfortunate events. Bill said that years ago an attendant told him that there were wonderful people working at UVA, and it is still true. There are a thousand miracles here everyday, and we don't want to forget about those when we see bad things on the news. Several positive letters of support have appeared in the editorial section of the paper.

Other news:

  • The next foreign trips are to Munich and the Alps in November 2001 and Barcelona in March 2002. Please spread the word to members of your department. Information is available on the HR website, and removed when the travel agency stops taking reservations.
  • The Munich trip is not attracting as many employees as previous trips. The agent reserves 100 seats and 50 rooms when the trip is announced. If more space is needed, it is requested. In the case of the Munich trip, all the rooms may not be needed. If you are interested, you need to send in your deposit by the end of July. At the end of July, the agent will cancel any extra rooms that aren't needed. The trip would still take place for those who signed up.

There was no old or new business and no committee reports. The minutes for the May meeting were approved. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. .