Health System Academic and Research Employee Council Meeting Minutes
December 13, 2001

Attendees: Monte Parsons, Terry Moore, Kathleen Foster, Charlene Williams, Marie Taskey, June Wade, Annette Norton, Johy Podraza, Nancy Kriigel, Mike Wilson, Kathleen Ashe, John Aufill, Mary Leigh Thacker, Renee’ Breeden, Trisha Taylor, Susan Tapscott, Kanisha Adkins and Sharon Heyka

Guests: Bill Vining and Anda Webb

Monte Parsons, Co-Chair, opened the meeting at 10:05 a.m. Suggestions for guest speakers were as follows:

  • Carol Horowitz, Integrated Systems Project, with a possible presentation on Human Resources & Payroll in Oracle.
  • Jay Scott, Dean's Office SOM, presenting the Rewards and Recognition program in the SOM

Bill Vining Report:

  • New Govenor means a change in political party with the reappointment of agency heads in question.
  • May impact Human Resources at the state level - Sarah Wilson is in the current position.
  • Possible change at election the next week for local rep to replace Emily Couric. The outcome will be interesting.
  • January 4 at 12 Noon - President of UVA is hosting a Legislative Forum in the Newcomb Hall Ballroom. Local reps will be heard regarding the upcoming General Assembly. The budget is a big issue. Deans are projecting 1%, 3% and 5% budget cuts due to revenue shortfalls and the impact of the September 11 terrorist attack. There is no statewide hiring freeze, although some deans have enacted a freeze within their schools. Schools and departments are deciding individually “how to cut.”
  • General Assembly meets in January.
  • We may want to invite Nancy Rivers to our March meeting as a guest speaker for an update on legislative issues.
  • Barbara Henry, who is in charge of the ISP phase II team for HR & payroll, would also be a good speaker. She could discuss the process, applications, transaction, ISP Programs, the Human Resources module, benefits calculation module, Oracle concerns and continued training.
  • Job titles on the monthly leave and work reports (MLWRs) have changed. This was because of the state's new compensation plan. Bill Vining said he would check into it with Dave Ripley.
  • Trips - there is a change to the Barcelona and Madrid trip-
    Originally, SpanAir to Madrid then to Barcelona, back to Madrid (Madrid is the hub). Due to the September 11 attacks, there will be no flights through Span Air. They have changed to 2 airlines: British Airlines and AirFrance. British Air to Dullas landing in Barcelona. Leaving Sunday not Saturday - AirFrance to Dullas, Paris, Barcelona and a train to Madrid. Future trips to Greece and Turkey are in question. Alternate trips may be to Copenhagen or Paris (Fall of 2002).

Day Trips: The Williamsburg one-day trip reportedly was nice. Everyone had a good time.

Committee Reports: None to report.

Old Business: Awards and Recognition - the WFPA, Women Faculty & Physicians Association, awarded the Women’s Achievement Award to Linda Burton of the Dean’s Office last year. Kathy Reed, now retired, was also honored. Nominations are now being accepted for awards for the current year:

    • Aspiring Women Award - this is now in its second year. It is awarded to a woman who returns to school, & provides a $500 cash award.
    • Mid-level Management Award - lunch and flowers.
    • Nominations are being accepted for February with letters of references. You can also nominate yourself. You may obtain forms from Robbie Greenlee with Equal Opportunity Programs at 982-3283, or e-mail her at Lunch will be served in Newcomb Hall.

Anda Webb Report:

The Provost has asked schools to submit their “budget reductions” by the December 14, 2001 deadline. The cuts are expected to be 1%, 3% or 5%.
The govenor will deliver his budget on December 19, 2001.

UVA has not had a tuition increase since Govenor George Allen. Current tuition is less than $4000 per student. There are lots of rumors currently, but everything is still in the “planning stages”.

The Provost attended the Provost Council Meeting on December 12, 2001. There were many questions and answers to help employees understand the issues. Check the Provost Council website for their December minutes to find out more:

Minutes were approved.

January meeting will be Thursday, January 17, 2001 at 10:00a.m. VP Conference Room in McKim Hall.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Minutes submitted by: Terry Moore, Co-Chair