Minutes from the October 18, 2001
Health System Academic and Research Employee Council Meeting

First to speak was Nancy Rivers, Director of the State Governmental Relations Office:

  1. Announced that Senator Emily Couric passed away.
  2. Best way to find out what's going on with their offices is to log on to
  3. Their main job is to advise the President of the University on the impact of legislation on the University community. Also serve as primary liaison for legislative issues; please feel free to contact them or notify employee council representative.
  4. Last session ended May 12, many historical records were set and there were a lot of benefits' enhancements.
  5. Legislative Forum begins Friday January 4, 2002. Everyone is encouraged to come and ask questions.
  6. There is a caboose bill asking for a technical amendment to adjust salary increases, may be retroactive to November. NO GUARANTEES, please watch for future announcements.
  7. On December 19, 2001, the Governor will announce the new budget.
  8. Because of recent events, unsure if money will be available. There is a "rainy day" fund which may help.
  9. The Governor has also asked for $3 billion in relief due to September 11th's attack.
  10. There is discussion about trying to get another open enrollment period for the Virginia Sickness and Disability Plan (VSDP), since the cost of disability insurance has gone so high. Please call or write to your Legislator asking them to do this.


Next to speak was William (Bill) Vining:

  1. Reiterated what Ms. Rivers had covered regarding the VSDP. Employee interest has sparked this, and employee interest will be the main force to cause it to re-open. Legislative action is required, so please stay tuned for further information as it is made available.
  2. Told about Medical Council meeting in which Qual Choice was
    discussed. Qual Choice has been taken over by Coventry. There are some concerns about how they are administering the plan. For example, Coventry was saying a referral wasn't needed from your primary care doctor which isn't true; you DO need a referral, otherwise you'll be charged higher. If you have any problems with this, please write down the name of the person with whom you spoke, and the time & date. Inside the next "Inside UVA", there will be an article about these changes.
  3. Insurance rates will be increasing but should only be $1-$9 per month. Part of this is due to higher-priced drugs covered under the prescription plan.
  4. Welcome Fair will be November 8th at Newcomb Hall. Good resource
    information, representatives services, music and food. Great opportunity for new employees to learn of all services available to them and their families.
  5. Barcelona trip is still on; only one couple has backed out yet, 8 more have signed up. Madrid may be added to this trip; it would be $359 for 3 more days. Trip is scheduled for November 2002. Greece trip may be postponed but are unsure. They looking at Copenhagen or Paris if Greece is not a possibility..

Next to speak was Anda Webb, from the Provost Office:

  1. Qual Choice and Flex Spending plans will have open enrollment from October 29-November 30. Make sure all materials are in by due date, NO extensions can be made. If close to end of time, hand deliver rather than mailing.
  2. All open enrollment packets should arrive next week.
  3. They have requested a new base budget. Didn't ask for raises as they were told to wait and put that on the general state budget.
  4. Award recognition program was approved and implemented on October 1, 2001. Forms available on web page.
  5. Working on Oracle financial things. ISP Financial Committee is trying to find practical advice to pass on. Will provide more training.
  6. Also working on a Cost Accounting Information exchange.

No old news was covered.

Asked for ideas of people we'd like to come speak with us, suggestions were:

  1. John Lord- Administrative Internship Program
  2. Someone about Flex Spend programs
  3. Paul Norris- New Police Chief

Kathleen Sagarino, who was a Co-chair, will be leaving and the group was asked to think of alternatives to replace her. The new Co-chair will serve until end of term June 3rd.

Please note the next meeting is scheduled for November 15th. Please send speaker suggestions or nominations/volunteers for Co-Chair position as soon as possible. Thanks.