Minutes from the Health System Academic Research Employee Council meeting on September 21, 2000

Attendance: Stephanie Bingler, Jean Snoddy, Terry Moore, Amanda Ryan, Della Marsh, Pat Williams, Jane Adair, Nancy Kriigel, June Wade, Tammy Snow, Lynn McCutcheon, John Aufill, David V. Smith, Jill Tatum, Mike Wilson, Eleanore Wade, Pat Harlow, Kelly Bell, Donna Ferneyhough, Bill Vining, Lolita Bland, Kathleen Foster, Melinda Mason, Monte Parsons, Ally Mawyer, Deborah Riddell, Kathleen Ashe, Jim Stork, Nancy Moore, Mary-Leigh Thacker, Martha Williams, Sharon Heyka, Leigh Ann Bush, and Daweslyn Butler

Jim Kennan was the first to address the council. Due to overwhelming employee requests, the bus service from U-Hall will begin at 6:08 AM and will run every half hour. The new bus system from Scott Stadium is set to begin on Sept 25th. The Blue route runs to the stadium until 12:30 AM. A question was raised on why graduate students and post-docs can't park at the stadium. The parking is only for health system classified employees and not for students (which post-docs are considered to be). The medical center's finances are remaining steady. They ended the fiscal year +4.3%. The nursing shortage is still a very serious matter. A program has begun which allows new nursing graduates to be hired immediately and trained for 6 months if they agree to stay for 18 additional months. The medical center is looking for ideas on how to ease the nursing shortage. If you have any ideas, please pass them onto Mr. Kennan. Research funding at the medical school is up from the previous year. MR5 is set to open December of 2001 and the hope is to have MR6 under construction before MR5 is finished. Paul Mellon estate's has given $20 million to establish the Mellon Prostate Cancer Research Institute. UVA continues to be one of the leaders in the country in telemedicine. Telemedicine reaches people all over the state to give improved levels of care.

Martha Williams, the Assistant Director of Benefits was the next to address the council. She spoke about the new Long Term Care plan, a state plan being administered by AETNA. This plan is not disability coverage but will help out with custodial care cost for you, your spouse, parent, or in-laws if they have lost 2 of the 6 basic living activities. If you want more information, look at the web site or call AETNA toll free at 1-877-894-2470. If employees sign up before Oct 31st, then they are not asked health questions but retirees and family members must be interviewed. If you and your spouse sign up for the plan, than you get a 10% discount. It can be taken with you if you leave UVA. Health insurance was discussed next. The changes to the health care plan for this year's open enrollment will be announced soon. The tax deferred savings plan salary reduction agreement form is on-line at benefits. The links to sign up with TIAA-CREF or Fidelity are also on line but Vanguard isn't. The matching plan the state is offering is not a vested plan. If you are enrolled in the TIAA-CREF plan and are contributing the amount required for matchig funds but haven't seen a statement about your matching funds yet, contact TIAA-CREF. A statement was issued in August but not everyone has received it. TIAA-CREF and Fidelity both come to UVA for free sessions. If you would like to meet with them, please contact the benfits office. TIAA-CREF wants to put on a retirement planning session but they are still setting up the location and time. The VRS also offers retirement sessions but it was said that they fill up quickly. If this is a problem, please contact VRS directly.

Bill Vining was the next to address the council. He is going to give a council orientation session next meeting to give background information to all the new members. We are working on establishing a web page for the employee council. The new compensation plan training is still underway. The supervisor training has begun. If anyone needs information, please contact Gary Helmuth. The new performance plan evaluations will require more work from the supervisor. The details of the policy are still being worked out.

New Business: The lights on the walkway to South Garage are not working and the emergency phone wires have been cut. Mr. Kennan will see to this matter immediately. It must be emphasized again that if you see any parking or busing situation that concerns you, please contact Dr. Levine's office immediately.

Old Business:

  • New poles for the new buses were to be ordered so that shorter patrons could hold on when the bus is in motion. Where are these poles?
  • Bus trips: We have been trying to plan day bus trips to areas of interest around the state. Please ask peple in your department where they would be interested in going and bring the list to the meeting.
  • Committee reports: Parking: Mike Wilson reported that there has been a rumor that there is no bus service from JPA to Scott Stadium after 6PM. This rumor is false, there is bus service until 12 AM in those areas.
  • Approval of minutes: Stephanie Bingler approved the minutes for the August meeting and Jean Snoddy seconded the motion.