Minutes from the Health System Academic Research Employee Council meeting on May 18, 2000

Attendance: Mike Wilson, Jean Snoddy, Leigh Ann Bush, Shanon Heyka, Pat Williams, Kelly Bell, Trish Reilly, Pat Harlow, Lynn McCutcheon, Eleanore Wade, John Aufill, Jim Stork, Gail Prince-Davis, Bonnie Brown, Dawselyn Butler, Ginny Dean, and Mary Leigh Thacker

Jim Kennan was the first to address the council. The health affairs committee will meet on June 16th to discuss the medical center financial report. The news appears to be good. The medical center is currently running with a 4.1% margin (mandated to meet a 4% margin). A consulting firm is currently looking at ways UVA medical center can enhance its revenue. Their report will be available shortly. The School of Medicine's national ranking dropped a few points in the past year, a point which the Board of Visitors would like to have addressed. Dean Carey spoke on the issue and sees the lack of research space as an underlying problem. The benefits for the classified employees in the clinics will remain the same when the clinics are converted July 1st to part of the medical center. The current academic employees benefits will remain the same but new employees will be hired as medical center employees with medical center benefits. The source of money will be medical center. Another change is coming to the clinics. The outpatient clinics will be moving to a Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC) system starting July 1. This involves the clinics being paid a set amount for an illness instead of being paid for the individual work done. When the APC system was implemented in hospitals in the 80s it was partially responsible for driving down the number of days patients stayed in the hospital. The renovations to Hospital Drive are nearly complete. The Malcolm C. Cole child care center will be dedicated May 31, 2000 at 5:30 PM. It will accommodate 170 kids including a separate area for sick kids. Karen Taylor is the director of the center. The child care center is currently at capacity. It gives priority enrollment to health care workers. The Children's Miracle Network drive will occur June 3-4th on the 7th floor of the medical center. This is the 15th year for the fundraiser which last year received donations of $900,000. There is a Walk-a-thon on June 3rd for CMN and a Harley Davidson raffle donated by an Orange family to benefit CMN.

Bill Vining was the next to address the council. The new holiday schedule is out. An additional 12th holiday has been added to the calendar, Jan 15th Martin Luther King day. For holiday schedule see: Everyone should be receiving mailings at home concerning the new pay plan. Please attend one of the information sessions. The service awards will occur on May 23rd at Culbreth Theater. On June 6th the long term service awards will be given out along with the outstanding employee honors. The awards were given to: Helen Antonio, Sonny Beale, James Darin, Michelle Flynn, Frank Hill, Barry Kear, Robert Rosseter, Linda W. Shifflett, David P. Short, Judy Warder, and Tammy Wilkins. A state bill 2 years ago started a study to investigate whether the annual leave for long term employees needed to be increased. The study is now complete. The new policy is out from DPT and it looks like it will be approved. The details will be given at a later point to the council (once they are approved) but generally speaking it will add a 15 year step for increasing annual leave. The maximum accrual amount will not be increased. The travel committee has released information on next years trips. The first will occur Nov 10-17th to Lisbon, Portugal with an optional (additional cost) trip to Algarve. The second trip will occur March 10-17th, 2001 to Prague. They are also looking into a 3 day extension to Vienna. For more details look at the web page:

Committee reports: none

New Business: A question was posed on how the training for the managers on the new compensation plan was going.

The April minutes were approved by Mary Leigh Thacker and seconded by Pat Williams.

The meeting was adjourned.