Minutes from the Health System Academic Research Employee Council meeting on March 16, 2000

Present: Beth Koehler, Stephanie Bingler, Trish Reilly, Pat Harlow, Sherry Morris, Lynn McCutcheon, Gail Prince-Davis, Jim Stork, Gina Steppe, Eleanore Wade, June Wade, Patti Slohoda, David Smith, Sharon Hoyka, Mary Leigh Thacker, Pat Williams, Mike Wilson, and Leigh Ann Bush.

Jim Kennan was the first to address the council. He reported that the bottom line for the Medical Center is at 4%, which was the goal. The Board of Visitor's next meeting is April 13th-15th. All the clinics are to be converted to hospital based clinics on July 1st. This standardized approach should make things easier in the long run. Research support from both private and public sources has risen 6% in the last year. Space complaints from these researchers is being addressed in the construction of MR5 next to McLeod Hall and in the planning of MR6. An Institute of Medicine report concerning medical errors is being taken very seriously by the medical center. It discusses the significant number of hands on care errors. Uva has convened a task force to identify the errors and ways to prevent them. Dr. John Herr of the Cell Biology Dept. has been named scientist of the year in the state of Virginia. The parking light on JPA at the intersection of Brandon will be installed in the next 30-40 days.

Dr. Levine was the next to address the council concerning health system parking. First he wanted to let us know of a joint Health System/ City of Charlottesville study concerning the traffic (both pedestrian and car) through the entire JPA corridor that is nearly complete. The decisions made by this study should greatly improve the bottleneck in this area over the next couple of years. There will be a new Health System designated parking lot at Scott Stadium. This parking lot will not be designated until the Scott Stadium construction is completed, set now for October 7, 2000. At that time, the West parking lot at Scott Stadium will change from a blue commuter lot to a health system lot. There will be a different tag for this lot so people with the blue tag can no longer park there. Employees with the health system tag can still park in the U-Hall lot after this date, but they are encouraged to use the Scott Stadium lot. Currently the health system is utilizing 650 spots total in Scott Stadium and U-Hall. There are 680 spaces designated for heath system employees in the new lot, so everyone will be accomodated. Each year, if all of the spaces in the newly designated lot are not claimed by health system employees by late September, other blue permit holders will be allowed to buy one year permits to the lot. The bus service between the new lot and the hospital will be greatly improved. From 6 AM to 7:20 AM there will be buses running every 8 min. From 7:20 AM to 9:00 AM and from 2:45 PM to 7 PM buses will run better than every 5 minutes. From 7 PM to 12:25 AM buses will run every 20 minutes. There is also talk of adding a van for extra service around lunch time to allow employees to quickly run errands during lunch. Because all of the health system emphasis for parking is being placed on this new lot at Scott Stadium, once the new lot is open and the extra buses are running, the hospital express running to U-Hall will cease to exist. Dr. Levine wanted to emphasize that he thinks it is in everyone's best interest to park in the new lot and take advantage of the new buses even if you live on the north side of town. Basketball games will no longer have an impact on the parking. The Scottt Stadium lot must be vacated by 1 AM the night before a football game. During peak time, the express bus will provide service directly from the hospital to stadium without circling down the length of JPA, which should provide for faster service. Dr. Levine is looking into the report of poor lighting in front of the new Jordan Hall. If anyone has other concerns, please e-mail Dr. Levine. The price for the new lot at Scott Stadium probably will not change. See attachment with additional information about the parking.

Members of the council drafted a letter concerning the student shared Blue lot in U-Hall. The letter proposed that the students have a long term parking lot in the back of the current blue lot. The concerns stated in this letter have been addressed by the new Scott stadium parking lot. The letter will be submitted to Dr. Levine anyway for the record.

Bill Vining was the next to address the council. Tom Gausvik is coming to the next meeting. It would be very helpful for everyone to have read the new compensation plan before the next meeting. Please try and have questions ready for Tom Gausvik. Lisa Gentry Radcliffe would like to have an updated list of all council members with their e-mail addresses to post them on the web site. The Office of Major Events is seeking help with graduation. This year for the first time they are offering remote closed circuit TV at locations around grounds (Newcomb Hall Theater, Gilmer, etc.) of the lawn graduation ceremony for those who don't have tickets but would like to see the event. The office is looking for volunteers to help people at these locations. If anyone is interested, please contact Cindy Phillips ( at 2-3099 . The New Employee Orientation was well attended last week. The next orientation will be in the fall. Nominations for Outstanding Employees are due March 31st. Please submit a form for any deserving employee in your area.

The deferred compensation plan was next topic of discussion. Martha Williams from benefits is coming in May to discuss the plan in detail. Everyone who is not enrolled in the program should have received a mailing with details about upcoming information sessions . If you are already participating in the tax deferred savings plan and your money is either invested by TIAA/CREF or Fidelity, then the money the state contributes will automatically be invested in the same way. If you now are using Vanguard, then you need to fill out a form as to how you want the state's additional contributions to be invested. Currently, the state will match 50% of your contributions up to $20/month beginning April 1st. So if the employee contributes at least $40 a month into the tax-deferred savings plan, then the state will match $20. The state budget is proposing to increase the state contribution amount to $40/month (with an employee contribution of $80), but it will not be known if the governor signs this into law until early April. If the budget passes, then the increase match of up to $40 will begin July 1st.

New Business:
The following questions were brought before the council:

The first question involved the concern of whether the exempt employees are eligible for compensation time. There are exempt employees who are working over 40 hours every week with no additional compensation. An additional question concerned the availability of flexible time for those same employees. If they have worked late the night before, they are currently told they have to report for work at the normal time the next day. The council had discussion on this issue and decided that the policy was not understood clearly and that we should have David Ripley who is in charge of compensation to come to a meeting.

Another question was raised about the impact on the clinic's classified staff of changing the clinics to hospital based clinics. The clinics are being changed to hospital based clinics as a result of a federal government regulation. The details are still being worked out. They do not anticipate the current classified staff having to change agencies. More details will be given as soon as they are known.

A concern was raised about the pay date for July. Because we cannot be paid before the beginning of the new fiscal year, we cannot be paid June 30th even though July 1st falls on a Sat. Currently the pay date is set for Monday, July 3rd , 2000.

New council members:
Stephanie Bingler from Psychiatric Medicine Jill Tatum from Anesthesiology

Old Business: None

Approval of the minutes: One correction was made to the February minutes. Rita Gilbert was left off the Virginia capital campaign volunteer list from last month. The minutes were approved by Eleanore Wade and seconded by Gail Prince-Davis.

The meeting was adjourned.