Health System Academic Research Employee Council


February 17, 2000

Present: Patti Slohoda, Pat Williams, Charlene Williams, Mary Leigh Thacker, David V. Smith, Mary Davison, Lynn McCutcheon, Carolyn Moore, Marjorie Pennington, Sherry Morris, Tammy Snow, John Aufill, June Wade, Jane Adair, Gigi Herold, Kelly Bell, Leigh Ann Bush, Daweslyn Butler, Jim Stork, Sharon Heyka, and Bonnie Martin

Daweslyn Butler stepped in as chair for the meeting because Beth Koehler had a scheduling conflict.

Jim Kennan was the first to address the council. He gave updates on the concerns raised by the council over the past few months. The first involved the schedule for the hospital patient courtesy shuttle. David Kloss from interfacility transportation provides transportation to Fontaine, North Ridge, KCRC, and the Red Roof Inn. In the past, they did have a schedule that was followed by the shuttle, but because there is not a constant demand for service they are currently working on an as needed basis. They are in the process of removing schedules and putting up signs with their phone number on it. If any patient is in need of transportation, please have them call the interfacility transportation dispatcher at 924-1771 for a pickup.

The next issue concerned lost patients in the Barringer Wing and Private Clinics. An additional greeter has been moved to the west clinic to help with the workload. This is still no guarantee that someone will be at the door to greet patients but it is an improvement. The greeters have also been advised to look for people who appear to be lost during any trip around hospital west. If more patients are found lost in the hall, it would be helpful to get details of the clinic they came from or are going to. If anyone is interested in pursuing this further, contact Myra Larkin.

The next concern brought to Mr. Keenan involved the lack of telephone coverage in the clinics when patients are calling. Mr. Keenan brought this concern to Kathleen Quinn who informed him that a new system will soon be employed which hopefully will improve this matter. On July 1st all the clinics are moving to hospital based clinics, and there will be a more centralized system in effect.

Jim Kennan also updated us on the status of the Blue Ridge Hospital 142-acre site. The Board of Visitors says all UVa operations at Blue Ridge will cease by June 30, 2000. There is currently a bill in the House proposing that UVa move the ownership of the property to the University of Virginia Real Estate Foundation in order to develop a research park. Part of the land (32 acres) would be leased to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation for a new visitor's center for Monticello. It was emphasized that the project emphasized maintaining the undisturbed view from Monticello and minimizing the environmental impact of the project.

Bill Vining was the next person to address the council. The next new employee orientation will take place on March 14, 2000 from 2-5 PM at Newcomb Hall. From 3-5 PM there will be an exhibition of all the benefits for UVa employees in the Newcomb Hall ballroom. All are welcome.

The next service awards presentation is on May 23rd at Culbreth Theater at 1:30 PM. Awards will be given for 10,15,and 20 years of service. On June 6th at 6 PM the long-term service awards are given for those who have been at UVa 25 years and up. The outstanding employee contribution award will also be granted at this meeting. Please vote before March 31, 2000 for any outstanding employee in your area.

The new drug screening policy will go into effect April 1, 2000. It is for employees whose work involves hands on health care or security. Any employee whose position is included in the new policy will receive a mailing at home. A pre-employment screening will be done for all new employees. Drug testing will also be done on those with reasonable suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance while on the job. There will be no random drug testing except for those employees who are currently undergoing treatment for a drug or alcohol problem. Those employees can be randomly tested up to 6 times in a one year period. This drug policy has already caused some self-referrals to EAP (employee assistance program) for people to enter treatment programs. The emphasis on the program is the identification of the problem and the treatment of that problem.

Bill Vining also discussed the matching 401K plan that has been an interest of the council for the past year. The plan has been funded by the governor and the program is set to begin on April 1, 2000. He suggested that Martha Williams be asked to come to an upcoming council meeting to discuss this plan with us. The state will match 50 % of our contributions to the tax deferred saving plan up to $20 per paycheck (for monthly paid employees) if the employees contribute $40 a paycheck (for a maximum of $240 contribution by the state in a one year period). The employee must have been on the payroll for 1 year before being eligible for the plan.

Old Business: A letter needs to be drafted addressing the parking situation in University Hall. We are proposing that a separate lot be designated for students (for long term parking, not for commuters) in the existing lots. A sub-committee comprised of Daweslyn Butler, Leigh Ann Bush, and Patty Slohoda will draft a letter to bring before the council at the March meeting.

New business: New members are David V. Smith from GCRC Epilepsy Center Gigi Harold from Family Medicine

Thank you to Jane Adair, Kelly Bell, Mary Leigh Thacker, Daweslyn Butler, Tammy Snow, Eleanore Wade, and June Wade for heading up the Combined Virginia Campaign fund drive for their departments.

Concerns raised:

  • Where is the proposed stop light for the intersection of Brandon St. and JPA?
  • There was a gate proposed for the student health parking lot to prevent traffic from using the lot as a cut through. When will it be built?
  • The lighting outside of the Jordan Hall annex (new Jordan) is terrible. Could a brighter streetlight be installed?

The new employee council members will receive orientation packets at the March meeting.

The minutes from the January meeting were approved by Mary Leigh Thacker. They were also seconded.

The meeting was adjourned.