Minutes from the Health System Academic Research Employee Council Meeting on November 16th, 2000

Attendance: Daweslyn Butler-Carey, Doma Ferneyhough, Stephanie Bingler, Kelly Bell, Nancy Kriigel, Melinda Mason, Monte Parsons, Pat Harlow, Eleanore Wade, John Aufill, Ally Mawyer, Della Marsh, Jill Tatum, June Wade, Jim Stork, Terry Moore, Kathleen Foster, Sharon Heyka, Mary-Leigh Thacker, Pat Williams, Gina M. Steppe, Kathleen M. Ashe.

Pat Williams was the first to address the council. Mr. Kennan was unable to attend the meeting and so Pat will present the information to be brought before the council. The lighting issues brought up at earlier meetings are being looked into. A concern was raised earlier about the size of the parking space at Scott Stadium. The parking spaces are standard commuter space size. A concern was also raised about the hospital shuttle buses being full. This has been looked into and the problem is getting better according to Dr. Levine's office. If anyone still has concerns about any parking and transportation issue, please contact Dr. Levine. The bus stop in front of the east garage across the street from the hospital will be temporarily relocated to the front of the west garage (credit union). This is due to construction occurring in the area. Dr. Robert Reynolds has been named the VP for Communications. He was previously serving as the interim VP. Dr. Fred Hayden is recognized as a nationwide expert on the spread of influenza. The School of Nursing received a $4.1 million grant to study alternative medicine. Everyone is also encouraged to participate in the CVC fund drive. The deadline for the Long-Term Care plan from AETNA has been extended to Dec. 1st. The council had one concern for Mr. Kennan to address. The cafeteria crowds seem to be getting worse and poor food handling practices have been noticed.

Brenda Wilson from FEAP (Faculty and Employee Assistance Program) was the next to address the council. The FEAP represent all employees and their families. An employee is termed as anyone who receives a paycheck from UVA. They are available for both work and personal problems. Everything they do is confidential. They are licensed mental health providers and it is illegal for them to tell anyone (manager's included) about your issues unless you sign a release form. Appointments with FEAP are free. They will meet with people between 1-3 times so that they can assess your needs and use their resources to find that help for you. Beginning on January 1st, if you need a therapist reference and you work through the FEAP to find that therapist, then there will be no copay (normally $10). They will give you a few names so that you can select the therapist with whom you are compatible. If you go through your PCP, then there is a $10 copay. FEAP is located in the Blake Center (the old Towers office building) at the corner of JPA and Main St. on the 5th floor. They also have an office in Orange. The FEAP is also a part of nationwide networks that can offer help to family members in other parts of the country. So if you need eldercare advice for your parents in another state, they can offer you help in finding the appropriate care. The phone number for FEAP is 924-9296. It will have a recording for you to page the counselor on call and they will immediately return your call.

Debbie Gausvik was the next to address the council. She is stepping in for Bill Vining who is away. She wanted to let everyone know about the 24 additional hours that will be posted to our compensatory leave on the following dates:

Nov. 22nd 4 hours
Dec. 22nd 4 hours
Dec. 27th 8 hours
Jan. 2nd 8 hours

There is still space available on the trip to Prague.

The council is still trying to plan day trips for employees. If you have suggestions for day trips, please contact June Wade at ( We need ideas for trips in late January or early February as well as trips for the spring and summer.

The employee council bylaws were distributed. Please review them before the next meeting during which we will have an orientation session for new members.

An update was given on the compensation plan. The first cycle of increases consisted of only critical action (if an employee had another job offer). Close to 500 changes were made. The next quarter increases are due in January for a raise in March. The money to fund the increases must still come from the departments which is causing difficulty. In order to get legislative funding for the plan, our legislators need to be contacted. There is a legislative forum on Jan. 5th noon in the Newcomb Hall Theater. Training for employees and managers is still available. There is a schedule on the HR web site. The marketing data for salary comparison is in the process of being purchased. A question was raised about the new way that leave can be taken. It was stated that leave time must be used in the following order: overtime, annual and then compensatory. This question is being looked into further. Concerns were also raised about employees who don't feel comfortable approaching their managers for a raise.

There were no committee reports.

The minutes from October were approved and seconded by Daweslyn Butler-Carey and Mary-Leigh Thacker.

The meeting was adjourned.