Health System Academic Research Employee Council

October 19th, 2000

Attendance: Renee Breeden, Della Marsh, Terry Moore, Kathleen Foster, Catherine Kirby-Smith, Daweslyn Butler-Carey, Mary-Leigh Thacker, Stephanie Bingler, M. Jean Snoddy, Pat Williams, Lolita Bland, Monte Parsons, June Wade, Lynn McCutcheon, Ally Mawyer, Eleanore Wade, Kathleen Ashe, Jim Stork, Leigh Ann Bush, Mike Wilson, Vernetta Jones, Sharon Heyka, Gigi Herold, Kelly Bell, David Smith, and John Aufill.

Nancy Rivers, the Director of the Office of State Governmental Relations, was the first to address the council. She is preparing for the 2001 General Assembly session and wants us to know where to go to get up to the date information on bills of interest. The office exists to answer all employee questions on bills in the general assembly. The best way to keep updated is to look at the web page http://www.virginia.edu/~govrel/home.htm. It will be updated quickly throughout the session. There will be a legislative forum on Friday January 5, 2001 at noon in the Newcomb Hall Theater. All employees are encouraged to attend. All of our local legislators will be present (Emily Couric, Paul Harris, and Mitch Van Yahres along with President Casteen). This forum occurs just before the session convenes on January 10th, 2001.

The next person to address the council was Linda Way-Smith, the new director of Employee Benefits. There are a number of changes that will be made to the health care plan on Jan 1st, 2001. The following ADDITIONS are being made to our health care plan:

  • Vision discount plan: This is not an insurance plan but is instead a discount plan through participating optometrists. We will receive 20%-50% off of eye exams, glasses, lenses, contacts, and sundries (eye glass cases, sunglasses, etc.). This is an unlimited program (you may buy as many pairs of glasses as you would like). This is not a reimbursement plan. You get the discount when you pay. Currently, approximately 2/3rds of the area optometrists are participating in the plan. The list of participating optometrists will be sent to everyone in December. There is also a discount offered for corrective laser surgery but you must go to a TLC center to have the surgery. The closest TLC center to central Virginia is in the DC area so the plan will pay $200 towards travel.
  • Orthodontic coverage: The plan will also cover $1000 towards orthondontics per participant (ie. for each child or adult). This $1000 is not per year. They will cover $1000 total. The amount they cover towards orthodontics also counts towards the $1000 cap in place per year for dental coverage per person.
  • Alternative Therapies Network: This is a network discount plan. Included are services such as massages and acupuncture. Vendors are still under negotiation. This plan also has HEALTH RELATED PRODUCTS where you may purchase items such as vitamins at a discount on a website (TBA).
  • Innoculation/immunization coverage for college students: College students will be able to receive immunizations at the student health center where they are enrolled instead of being required to get the immunizations from their PCP.

The following are CHANGES that are being made to the current plan:

  • Mental Health access and Substance Abuse coverage is now changing to a 3 option plan similar to that of the rest of the health plan (3 step program). 1) There is a $10 co-pay if you get a PCP referral but if you go through the Faculty Employee Assistance Program (FEAP) there is NO co-pay. The phone number for FEAP is 924-9296. It will have a recording for you to page the counselor on call and they will immediately return your call. Their web page is http://www.iqhealthvirginia.com/feap.htm 2) Go to any provider in the network with no referral and pay $30 per visit. 3) Go to an out of network provider and pay 50% of the cost. The old options are in effect until March 31, 2001 to give everyone time to make the transition to the new plan. If you choose option 3, you are financially responsible if the proper paperwork is not filed after 4 visits. The provider needs to submit the treatment plan after the 4th visit and if they fail to submit treatment plan and you go to 5th visit, then you are financially responsible for 100% of the cost. If your PCP or someone in the network fails (under option 1 or 2) to submit paperwork after 4 visits, then they are financially responsible. There is no retroactive approval on the plan.
  • Prescription Drug Plan is now going to have 3 tiers as well (was 2 tier). This new plan covers drugs not covered under the old plan but with a higher co-payment. The details of this plan will be included in the mailing.
    • Tier I (Generic brands): $8 co-pay for a 30 day prescription through any retailer $10 co-pay for 90 day prescription through mail order $16 co-pay for up to 90 days at retail maintenance pharmacy (CVS, etc.) Examples: Ibuprofen 800 mg and other anti-inflammatories.
    • Tier II (prefered brand): $12 co-pay for a 30 day prescription through any retailer $18 co-pay for 90 day prescription through mail order $24 co-pay for up to 90 days at retail maintenance pharmacy (CVS, etc.) Examples: Wellbuterin and Daypro.
    • Tier III (non-preferred brand): $25 co-pay for a 30 day prescription through any retailer $35 co-pay for 90 day prescription through mail order $50 co-pay for up to 90 days at retail maintenance pharmacy (CVS, etc.) Examples: Voltarin and Viagra

All of these changes will go into effect on Jan 1st, 2001. Employees do not need to request to be a part of the new plan. They will automatically be enrolled in the plan. The premiums increases for the year are minimal. An employee alone premium is going up $1 to $14. An employee plus one rate is also increasing by $1 to $99. Family coverage rate is going up $3 to $187. Double state family is increasing $3 to $100. Benefits also would like to encourage people to let them know what other benefits we would like.

The open enrollment period is from October 30th until December 8th. A packet will be coming in the mail shortly with the open enrollment information. In December a detailed packet will be sent to participants with details of which providers are participating in the new eye care and alternative therapies plans. Benefits is encouraging people to use there web site to download forms needed for open enrollment from their web page at: http://www.hrs.virginia.edu/benefits.html

There are open enrollment sessions to discuss the benefit changes on the following dates:

Nov. 6th 10:00 AM Newcomb Hall, S. Mtg. Rm, 3rd fl.
Nov. 8th 7:30 AM Medical Center, PCC, Classrm A&B
Nov. 14th 3:00 PM Newcomb Hall, S. Mtg. Rm, 3rd fl.
Nov. 17th 9:00 AM Darden School, Classrm 40, lwr level
Nov. 27th 3:30 AM Medical Center, PCC, Classrm A&B
Nov. 28th 3:00 PM Newcomb Hall, S. Mtg. Rm, 3rd fl.

Reservations are not needed.

Jim Kennan was the next to address the council. Research at UVA continues to be very successful. The financial situation of the Medical Center continues to be stable in a time of great flux around the country. There are a few issues before congress concerning Medicare and Medicaid payments in which UVA is very interested. The nursing shortage is still a very real problem that is now international. The Health Science Library is having an open house on Oct 25th. A number of departmental chairs are changing over the next year. The medical center (agency 209) has decided to pay a $10/month parking offset to their employees. This will not be done for the agency 207 employees. To review, the agency 209 employees are clinic, hospital, Northridge, etc. employees while agency 207 employees are school of medicine, health science library, and nursing school employees.

A question was raised concerning the permanence of the new Scott Stadium red lot overflow parking. It was determined that the overflow parking will remain in effect for at least another month and then it will be reevaluated. A concern was raised about the poor lighting at Scott Stadium and that will be looked into. An employee complained that it took her 10-15 more minutes to get to the new lot in comparison to U-Hall and that traffic was bad getting to Scott Stadium. Everyone was reminded to voice your concerns to Dr. Levine by calling his office or e-mailing him.

Bill Vining was the next to address the council. November 8th is the next new employee orientation and resource fair. UVA has hired 1500 new employees since the last fair was held. All employees are welcome at the resource fair. It takes place at the Newcomb Hall Theater at 2:45PM. The information for our conversion into the new compensation plan will be mailed to all employees shortly. The sessions for managers is ongoing. The next step will be learning the procedure for the new performance evaluation. Informational sessions will begin in the next few months.

Old Business: Everyone was reminded to e-mail ideas for day trips to Daweslyn or bring them to the next meeting.

New Business: None

The minutes were approved. The meeting was adjorned.