Minutes from the Health System Academic Research Employee Council meeting on January 20, 2000

Present: John Aufill, Leigh Ann Bush, Daweslyn Butler, Elizabeth Hood, Beth Koehler, Sherry Morris, Jim Stork, Mary Leigh Thacker, Pat Williams and Mike Wilson

Deborah Mullins was the first to address the council. She is from the Virginia Blood Services, which is the only blood provider for all Charlottesville hospitals. If you want your donated blood to be used locally, VBS is the only provider to central Virginia. She came to speak to us to encourage us to get the word out to our departments on the continued need for more donors at UVA. She is looking for departmental recruiters who will act as her contacts in times of dire need or in times of blood drives. If anyone is interested or knows someone in their departments who is interested, please contact Deborah Mullins (dmullins@vablood.org) or by calling 977-8956. She emphasized that every donor does make a difference. If they could have just 5 more walk ins a day at the UVA blood donor center, then the blood center would be operating at an acceptable level. Each blood donation is divided into thirds and can help up to 3 patients. They are always in need of aphoresis (platelet) donors too. There is no longer an aphoresis donor center at UVA but if interest increased, this might be a possibility. VBS uses the most sensitive method for testing blood known as NAT (nucleic acid testing) to ensure the blood supply is as safe as possible. About 40% of the population are eligible to donate but only about 9% donate on a regular basis. There is a blood drive in the hospital next month on February 7th and 8th from 9-4PM. Please donate and get your department to donate if they can!

Jim Kennan was the next to address the council. He sends greetings from Dr. Cantrell. He is continuing to pursue past concerns people have had both in finding parking in the interim parking lot on Hospital Drive and with the shortage of greeters at the Private Clinic entrance to hospital west. He will update us as soon as developments occur. The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign for the United Way raised $430,000. The School of Medicine had the highest per capita gift at UVA. The JCAHO accreditation committee met last month and the unofficial word is good. Dr. Cantrell has a new assistant, Sally Barber, who will be helping with business activities with research. Construction updates are as follows: MR5 is underway and the child care center on Fairy St. is scheduled to open in March and will fill a void left from the closing of the Blue Ridge facility. Liz Hood is retiring next week and will be sorely missed. She has been at UVA for 25 years and 4 months. Arlene Buynek is moving to a new position at the School of Engineering. A question was raised to Mr. Keenan about the hospital shuttle. It doesn't follow the posted schedule. This matter will be looked into. Also there are concerns in the departments about the number of people available to answer patients phone calls. Some departments don't have a backup voice mail system so some calls are going unanswered.

Bill Vining addressed the council next. He too wanted to thank Liz for her years of service. The General Assembly is in session so remember to look at the web for updates on the bills. Bills that affect benefits include: police retirement program which may be expanded to include university police, bills to enable people to buy back years of wage service, and the new state employee compensation plan. Everyone who is participating in the tax deferred savings plan will soon be getting a maximum exclusion allowance calculation for the upcoming year. If you are not participating in the tax deferred savings plan, you are encouraged to look into it. Details can be found on UVA's Benefits home page. The states plan last year to match employee funds for a 401k is pending funding. It is currently in the governor's budget and if funded it will match 50% of employee's contribution up to $30 (so if employee puts in $60, the state will put in $30).

Old Business: Legislative forum was held on Jan 7th. Only non-university issues were raised to the legislators.

New Business: February 1st an open house for the Health Sciences Library will occur on the first floor conference center/history center.

Committee Reports: none The motion to approve the December minutes was made by Mary Leigh Thacker and Mike Wilson seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be held on Feb 17th at 10:00 AM.