Physical Education


The Hospital Education Program (HEP) believes that movement is essential to the development and well being of children; however, opportunities for moving about in the hospital setting are often limited.   To encourage and facilitate large motor activity in hospitalized children, the HEP provides physical education as an integral part the school program. At the University of Virginia Children's Hospital, physical education is offered to hospitalized students, ranging from preschool through high school, on the 7th floor.  Classes are taught on the Madge M. Jones Activity Terrace by a certified adapted physical education teacher.  Sessions are age-appropriate, skill-oriented, and provide ample opportunity for exercise.  Bedside visits are also provided for those students who are unable to come to the terrace.

Hospital-based physical education encompasses many aspects of a regular physical education program on a modified basis.  Adapted physical education is also available for patients with special needs.

All HEP services are free to children and their families.  For additional information, contact (434) 924-2658.