Media Center


The Hospital Education Program (HEP) Media Center supports the hospital school program by offering supplemental material in support of the curriculum.  Access to the HEP Media Center helps normalize the hospital experience for children by providing recreational reading and general reference books.  Books and tapes are available from preschool through high school level. High interest/low vocabulary selections are also available.  The HEP Media Center is also a depository for career education lessons.   To ensure that the HEP's collection of children's literature remains current and reflects modern genre, the media specialist attends the annual Butler University Children's Literature Conference.

The Media Center also provides professional literature and other resources for HEP teachers, who have access to the Center's on-line catalog throughout the regular school year and during the summer enrichment program.  Enrichment materials on a variety of subjects are available for student and teacher use.

All HEP services are free to children and their families.  For additional information, please call (434) 924-2658.