Teaching Staff


Teaching staff in the Hospital Education Program (HEP) work as inpatient hospital teachers or as educational consultants assigned to outpatient clinics.  All HEP teachers are employed by the Charlottesville City Schools .  Each teacher holds a Master's degree in Education and has a valid teacher certificate with endorsement in special education.  HEP teachers also have a minimum of two years successful public school teaching or comparable experience.  

Working in a medical setting offers teachers a unique experience.  Both inpatient teachers and educational consultants are active collaborators with a child's medical team. Unlike in a traditional classroom, the HEP teacher works with an ever-changing population of children from across the Commonwealth, the nation, and the world.  A variety of professional development opportunities encourages individual learning in both medical and educational fields. 

Teachers in the HEP provide services to students on a year-round basis, including remediation as well as individualized academic instruction for students in summer school or for those with incomplete course work due to injury or illness.  During the summer teachers also conduct an enrichment program for all students.

Instructional assistants in the HEP are highly qualified paraprofessionals. They are high school graduates and have passed the ParaPro Assessment

For additional information about HEP teachers and/or employment as a teacher or instructional assistant, please call (434) 924-2658.