Outpatient Services


A number of pediatric patients are followed through University of Virginia Children's Hospital clinics in partnership with Blue Ridge Care Connection for Children.  Hospital Education Program (HEP) educational consultants play an important role in supporting the healthcare team's efforts to consider the physical, developmental, and psychosocial needs of patients.  Services may include:

  • meeting with children and families during clinic visits to discuss school and educational planning;
  • identifying appropriate resources to address educational issues;
  • serving as a liaison between the clinic team and home school divisions;
  • consulting with school personnel regarding classroom modifications needed to support the child's health/learning needs;
  • providing informal assessment of the child's strengths and weaknesses and referring for further assessment when appropriate; and
  • monitoring the child's education program through periodic phone calls or visits to the home school.


Written parent permission is required for HEP educational consultants to follow pediatric outpatients.

All HEP services are free to children and their families.  To obtain a list of pediatric clinics that are served by HEP educational consultants, contact the HEP director or assistant director at (434) 924-2658