Charles Major Claus


Wow!  First I get my own T.V. show , and now I have a page on the Internet.  Cool!  Being the mascot for the University of Virginia Children's Hospital is the awesomest gig a bear can get.

My real name is Charles Major Claus, but most of my friends at UVA call me Charlie.  I live in a beautiful green forest on the 7th floor in my very own "uptown" cave.  It even has stained-glass windows and curtains.  Oh, I have my own mailbox, too.  It's chartreuse (to match my eyes).  It's where the guy that brings my pizza a couple of times a day leaves it when I'm doing something really important, like taking a nap.  I love, love, love, love, love, love, love pizza!  It's my favorite food except for blueberries.  If you're a bear, you have to be really careful not to tip the bowl when you're making blueberry juice.  Have you ever tried to wash blueberries out of very fuzzy fur?  Once I spilled so much on me that the water in the fountain on the Madge M. Jones Activity Terrace where I take my baths turned bright blue!

If you're ever in my hospital, tune in to Channel 12 on Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. and you can catch my show called Seventh Floor Live.  Better yet, come on down and be on the show with me.  I'll see you on CMC-TV - where children are always the stars. 

Oh, gee.  I almost forgot to tell you that before you can come on my show, your parent or guardian has to sign a special TV release.  You can get one from any Hospital Education Program (HEP) staff.    

All HEP services are free to children and their families.  For additional information, contact (434) 924-2658