Hospital Education Program


The Hospital Education Program (HEP) school services are integrated into the medical care children receive.  Staffed by certified teachers, classrooms are provided for preschool, elementary, middle, and high school students at University Hospital.   For those children who are unable to leave their hospital rooms, bedside school sessions are arranged. Infant educators work with patients and their caregivers from birth through 24 months.

HEP consultants are assigned to many pediatric clinics at the University of Virginia Children's Hospital and are important members of the healthcare team.  They meet with children and families during clinic visits and act as liaisons between clinic staffs and home school divisions.  Telephone communications and school visits help consultants ensure that school personnel are aware of a child's medical and educational needs.  The consultants' goal is to minimize the effects of a child's medical problems on school progress.

Library Media services support the teachers and curriculum by offering literature books in traditional and digital formats. Art therapy and music therapy, in addition to other extracurricular activities, offer age-appropriate opportunities for normalization, socialization, and enrichment.

The administrative structure of the Hospital Education Program is unique.  The HEP is a state operated program established and supervised by the Virginia Department of Education.  In this regard the Commonwealth of Virginia is a leader in ensuring that children in specialized hospitals have the same opportunities afforded to other public school students.  The fundamental goal is to enable each student, to the full extent of his abilities, to develop the skills that are necessary for success in school and preparation for life.  In addition the HEP maintains a cooperative, interagency relationship with the Charlottesville Public Schools and the University of Virginia Health System.

All HEP services are free to children and their families. For additional information, please call (434) 924-2658.