Through this Website, you can find:

Topics of interest to caregivers, and links to resources.
Events & Programs (TBA)
Seminars, classes, and other educational opportunities for caregivers.
Issues of Concern
Areas of concern to caregivers!
Agencies available to assist you in your caregiving role.
Helpful websites for caregivers.

At Caregiving.com, Denise M. Brown has a series of articles for caregivers near and far, including this month's Caregiving Special Focus: "Caregiving and Marriage".

For the long-distance caregiver, there is the National Institute on Aging's publication (available on-line) " So Far Away: 20 Questions for Long-Distance Caregivers" and "Long Distance Caregiving" from the Elder Caregiving Series sponsored by UVA Senior Services and the Faculty and Employee Assistance Program.