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Research your care providers (hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies) at no cost with using data from government and commercial data sources.

A series of articles on Telemarketing Fraud and The Elderly.

Best of the Web - Senior Health
Comprehensive Guide to Caregiver Resources on the Web.
Virginia Easy Access
For Seniors and Adults with Disabilities and the Providers Who Support Them!
Medicare Interactive: New Sections for Caregivers.
Medicare Interactive has added new sections for family caregivers. The new sections can be accessed from the Topic Index page and contain the following information:

Under Section VIII. Medicare Advice for Caregivers: Caring for a Loved One: Addresses general questions such as "Will Medicare help me care for my loved one at home?"

  1. Understanding Your Rights as a Caregiver: Explains what rights a caregiver has to make health care decisions (both medical and insurance) on behalf of a loved one.
  2. Information About Your Loved One: Details what health, financial, and insurance information a caregiver should gather to be the best possible advocate.
  3. Resources for Caregivers: Offers advice on where to go for assistance and support.  

Under Section V. Medicare Rights and Protections:

k.  Getting Quality Care: Offers advocacy tips on how to best communicate with doctors, hospital staff and insurance representatives to get the best possible care.

l.  Preparing for Your Future Health Care Needs: Offers advice on how to make sure you get the health care you want if you can no longer speak for yourself (information on health care proxies, living wills and powers of attorney).
Health Compass
a self-study program designed to help you make well informed health and lifestyle choices, by learning ways to find and evaluate information and research findings on health and aging. 

Taking Loving Care of Your Aging Parents by Windy Forch, GNP

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