Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Whom do I contact if I have questions about my bill?

Answer: Many billing questions can be answered by visiting the Patient Financial Services section of this website.  You may also call Patient Financial Services’ Customer Service Department at 924-5377 or 1-800-523-4398 for questions about: 1) Your hospital bill, 2) An application for financial assistance or 3) Making a payment by credit card.  Please call Patient Financial Services’ Judicial Affairs Department at 924-8701 or 1-800-523-4398 for questions about: 1) A delinquent bill or a 2) Past-due notice.  Please call the Health Services Foundation at 295-1000 or 1-800-868-6600 for questions about your physician bill.  Please call Continuum Home Health at 434-984-2273 or 1-800-336-4040 for questions about: 1) Your Home Health bill, 2) Your Home Infusion bill or 3) Your Private Duty bill.

Financial Assistance

Question: Where do I find information about financial assistance, and are there any forms to fill out?

Answer: To learn more about financial assistance go to find links to financial assistance forms (English & Spanish), in PDF format, can be here.

Facts & Statistics

Question: How do I find out some basic facts and statistics about the UVA Medical Center such as the number of beds, average daily census, the number of inpatients, and the number of births?

Answer: Go to the corporate website at

Finance Terms - Glossary

Question: I have come across some financial terms that are foreign to me.  How do I find out what they mean?

Answer: Try the Finance Terms/Glossary organized by alphabetical order.

Operations – Financial Questions

Question: Who is the Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis (MFPA) for my department that can help me with business planning, strategic goal setting, decision support data, operational and capital budgeting, and operating performance measures/analysis?

Answer: Click to find the MFPA assigned to your area. To the far right of the Excel spreadsheet is a column listing the corresponding MFPA.

Capital Requests vs. Operating Expense

Question: My department needs to purchase an expensive item.  How do I know if this item should be paid for as an operating expense or through a capital request?

Answer: You should first familiarize yourself with the Capital Classification Issues guidelines as well as the Capital Coding Process and Capital Coding Process Chart. If the item you are purchasing meets the capital request criteria, fill out the Purchase Requisition form.

Patient Charges

Question: Whom should the manager contact to add, delete, or change patient charges?

Answer: Email to Tom Wilson, Accounting Control Team Leader, at or call 924-5442. 

Medical Supplies

Question: How do I add a new supply to the Charge Description Master (CDM) so that it can be charged?

Answer: Departments managers should already have the electronic Price File CDM Request Form used for this purpose.  Once filled out, the form should be emailed to the CDM Group by using “G Finance CDM” in the Global Address List or email to  If you have questions, email Pam Key at or call her at 924-5666.

Budget Amendment

Question: I need information about my department’s budget, and I may need a budget amendment.  What do I do?

Answer: Contact the Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis (MFPA) responsible for your department.  To find the MFPA assigned to your area, click on choose the link called Organizational Listing/MFPA Responsibilities.  You can also visit the Budget Office for more information.

Hyperion Essbase Access

Question: I need to use the financial reports on Hyperion Essbase.  Who do I contact about training and access?

Answer: Contact Lesli Adams, Manager of Financial Decision Support, at or call her at 924-2006.

Internal Reports Access

Question: How do I request access to internal reports such as the income statement, performance reports, rev3, and inpatient repository that are on the X: drive and O: drive?

Answer: There are five steps that need to be followed to receive access.  You can read the five steps or contact Joi Estep at 243-9619.


Question: I need to know more about Action O-I benchmarking reports or request online access to Action O-I.  Where do I go for information?

Contact Jerry Huml, Benchmarking Coordinator, at or call him at 924-5659.  You can also read summary descriptions of Action O-I reports or visit Solucient.

Depositing Cash & Checks

Question: How do I deposit cash and checks that I receive that belong to the institution?

Answer: All departments, except those departments authorized to deposit funds directly with the bank, must hand deliver all currency and coin by locked bag to Medical Center Cashiering.  Checks may be sent to the bank or Medical Center Cashiering through U.S. or Messenger Mail with appropriate patient account number, or if non-patient checks, with PeopleSoft department and account codes.  If you have questions, contact Irene Moyer, Cash Management Supervisor, by email at or call her at 924-5830.

Price Quotes – Medical Equipment

Question: Whom do I call to get price quotes for Medical Equipment?

Answer: You should contact the front desk of the Contract Negotiation and Administration Division (a division of Material Support Services) at 982-3865 or place an order by fax via NSR (Non-Stock Request) by faxing to 924-0221.  Once the order gets to the front desk the buyer assigned the order determines two things: 1) the department ordering and 2) the equipment cost.  For more information visit

Price Quotes – Computing Equipment

Question: Whom do I call to get price quotes and configuration assistance for PCs (personal computers) and related equipment?

Answer:  For price quotes for computers and other computing equipment, you should contact the Computing Services Help Desk at 4-5334 ( to learn the current procedure to receive a price quote.  Based on the value of the equipment, orders are then sent through either as a NSR (Non-Stock Request) or Capital Requisition.  Currently, our institution is standardized on IBMs and Dells.  Computing Services can discuss the pros and cons and confirm wiring, software and any other requirements.

Price Quotes – Business Equipment

Question: Whom do I call to get price quotes for business equipment, e.g., fax machines and copiers?

Answer:  For price quotes on business equipment, Contract Negotiations & Administration (a division of the Material Support Services Department) have contractual relationships and/or business contacts in place for most business equipment.  You should contact their front desk at 982-3865 and ask to be put in touch with your Purchasing Operations Team buyer or place an order by fax via NSR (Non-Stock Request) by faxing to 924-0221.  For more information visit