Announcements and Upcoming Events

 FEAP conducts seminars in association with Hoo's Well.  Hoo’s Well is the University of Virginia’s comprehensive wellness program. It is designed to help you get healthy and stay healthy by improving your general fitness and reducing your risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other debilitating illnesses. Take part in taking care of yourself. Participate in the classes offered through this program to help you lose weight, improve your diet and nutrition, manage stress, and enhance your general health. The sessions affiliated with Hoos Well are notated in the schedule below:

The following seminars are free but registration is required. 
To register, email: 


Five Things to Do Today to Prepare for Retirement

Thursday, December 18, 2014  12 noon

North Tower Education Room 8614

 Join us to learn strategies for preparing for retirement in today’s uncertain financial climate.  This seminar will help you take into consideration your personality and comfort with risk and show you how you can take control by understanding these things about yourself.  The seminar is designed to give you a clear starting point for investing for the long term.







FEAP also offers seminars on a variety of Work/Life topics throughout the year for general employee groups and by request of departments.  To request a seminar for a work group, or for more information about upcoming seminars, please contact FEAP at 243-2643.