Pediatric Nutrition Services

Mission and Role of the Clinical Nutritionist

  • To decrease the incidence of morbidity and mortality associated with nutritional problems in our pediatric patient population.
  • To improve patient clinical outcomes by providing timely, optimum, safe and cost-effective nutrition through either the oral route, or for those children who are critically or chronically ill using tube feedings or parenteral nutrition support. 
  • To identify patients who will benefit from nutrition intervention. 
  • To provide patient education in the areas of specialized or therapeutic diets, or for specialized enteral or parenteral nutrition support, including but not limited to, diabetes diet education, low fat or low sodium diets, specialized formula preparation, tube feeding administration, etc.
  • To provide medical and health care staff and student education in the areas of pediatric nutrition or specialized nutrition support via formal lectures, patient unit and discharge planning rounds. 
  • To develop and review hospital and departmental policies and procedures to promote the appropriate and effective use of nutrition therapy and support.