Learning Objectives


Tuesday, September 22, 2015:  Practical Implementation of a Malnutrition Documentation and Coding System in an Acute Care Hospital


Participants will be able to…

1.  Create hospital policies and procedures to maximize reimbursement for documentation of malnutrition

2.  Perform calculations to determine the increased payment for the hospital stay due to coding the malnutrition diagnosis.

3.  Quantify the impact of malnutrition documentation and coding on the case mix index for the hospital


Description:  Malnourished hospitalized patients usually stay in the hospital longer, have a higher incidence of falls and infections, a decreased quality of life, and a higher risk of readmission to the hospital.  Hospitals spend more to care for these patients in terms of dedicated staff hours, equipment, and supplies.  If the malnutrition is diagnosed, documented, and treated appropriately, the hospital’s payment for the patient’s admission may be increased under Medicare’s payment system.  Additionally, the overall case mix index may increase, which affects publicly reportable statistics such as adjusted mortality rates.  Join us on this webinar to learn which questions to ask to obtain the necessary data and perform the calculations to quantify the impact of documenting and coding malnutrition at your hospital.