Inpatient Neurology Nutrition

Common conditions seen include: 
-Brain and spinal cord tumors and injuries
-Vascular malformations
-Brain hemorrhages and aneurysms
-Subdural hematomas

The role of the Clinical Nutritionist the benefit of nutrition therapy:
-Assess nutrition status
-Seek solutions to maximize nutrition status within boundaries of patient's care plan
 (i.e. oral liquid supplementation, snacks)
-Further recommendations to MD include adding a multivitamin, to replace
 electrolytes, to consider nutrition support.
-Offer encouragement and provided education to patients and families as 

Your inpatient neurology nutritionist is:  Dana Cullen, RD





Neurology:  Dana Cullen, RD


Miami University (Ohio)



UVA Health System


Professional Organization Memberships

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Women's Health Dietetic Practice Group
  • Diabetes Care and Education Practice Group
  • Thirty and Under in Nutrition and Dietetics Member Interest Group

Virginia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Blue Ridge Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


Professional Areas of Interest

Maternal and Neonatal Nutrition


Weight management