Internship Requirements

The dietetic intern is expected to meet the professional competencies, standards of professional practice, and standards of conduct established by the internship program.


  1. During the course of the program, interns are to meet all the requirements and assignments outlined in the Dietetic Internship Syllabus. Interns are to complete all rotation and general internship assignments in the appropriate format.
  2. Interns will be expected to complete the a major project, which can be a research study, a community/clinical/management project, or a case study with major literature review.
  3. Interns are expected to give a Nutrition Class Day Presentation.
  4. Interns are to maintain professional standards of conduct within each of their rotations as well as professional behavior.
  5. Interns will be expected to complete a minimum of four community leadership and volunteer activities.
  6. Interns will develop and maintain a career portfolio.
  7. Interns will be evaluated as follows:
    a. At the completion of each rotation by the Registered Dietitian or manager;
    b. Evaluation for each of the above major projects and presentations;
    c. Mid-term and final cumulative evaluation by the program director.
  8. Interns are required to participate in departmental activities, such as National Nutrition Month.
  9. Interns are expected to attend conferences/meetings of professional organizations (ie, VASPEN, VAND, BRAND) as required by the internship leadership.



Interns are required to complete projects and assignments during each rotation. This is an example of a food photography project for the Children's Fitness Clinic to help patients and their families learn about appropriate portion sizes. Project completed by Caroline Gottesman, MS and Laura Cunningham, Class of 2011.



Interns are required to participate in National Nutrition Month every March. On the left, interns Abby Ginther and Caroline Gottesman pose with a local farmer from the Horse and Buggy Produce. On the right, displayed is the Compass-sponsored Wellness booth focusing on local and sustainable foods.

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