Program Overview


Internship and Health System Mission

The internship mission is: 

To provide students with a comprehensive nutrition and dietetics education through the promotion of innovative and evidence-based patient care; the education of patients, clients, health care professionals, and the community; and the creation and sharing of nutrition knowledge.

Our program's mission is in accordance with the mission of the University of Virginia Health System:  

To provide excellence and innovation in the care of patients, the training of health professionals and the creation and sharing of health knowledge.


Program Highlights

  1. Rotations - Interns have between 19-22 weeks of clinical rotations with well-trained nutritionists in a variety of specialty areas. They also have 8 weeks of training in food service and clinical management. Interns spend between 8-10 weeks in community rotations and affiliations, including public health, clinical research, inborn errors of metabolism, nutrition and health promotion and long term care.
  2. Classes - Dietetic interns attend their clinical, community, or food service management rotations 4 days per week and attend class one day per week, usually on Wednesdays. Class days consist of 5-6 didactic hours and are conducted by clinical nutritionists, food service managers, and other health care professionals including physicians, nurses, clinical pharmacists and therapists. Classes are held on a variety of topics including pathophysiology and nutritional management of a vareity of life stages and diagnoses. The UVA-HS internship provides a rigorous and challenging didactic learning component along with supervised practice in order to fully prepare interns to move from the "pre-professional" to competent entry level practitioner. Interns complete 8 tests per year on class day materials.
  3. Community Leadership and Volunteerism - Interns will have the opportunity to hone their leadership, community service, and public speaking skills through active involvement with organizations in the Charlottesville community. Interns are required to give or be involved in 4 nutrition-related presentations or activities. Examples including working with the UVA Celiac Support Group, speaking to senior citizens about good nutrition, or presenting an interactive session to middle school kids.
  4. Affiliation Week - Interns will be scheduled for an "affiliation week" where they can pursue training in areas of interest within the community or in another pre-approved area of choice.
  5. Major Project - Interns complete a major project that involves a literature review, research study or program development, and presentation of results to peers and RDs. Interns are encouraged to present their major project findings at the Virginia Dietetic Association Annual Meeting Poster Session.
Contact Us

Interim Program Director:

Christie Moulder, MS, RD, CNSC