Give Local, Give Hope


2013 Winners

Seventh Prize -   LCD/HD 39" TV (From left to right) CVC Senior Leaders Scott Croonquist and Mary Ann Harkins and Winner Todd Bauer, MD
Sixth Prize -  $100 Morrison's Gift Card (From left to right)Vickie Marsh, Mary Ann Himes, Rudy Beverly, Sally LeBeau, Winner Fay Shipp, Chief Tom Harkins, Senior Leader Scott Croonquist and Kristin Grimes
Fifth Prize -    iPad 64 GB(From left to right)CVC Senior leaders Scott Croonquist and Mary Ann Harkins, Chief Larry Fitzgerald, iPad Winner Shauntae Ward, CVC Volunteer Lenke Mann, supervisor Beth Humphrey and CVC Senior leader Rasheed Balogun, MD
Fourth Prize -    $100 Morrison's Gift Card (From left to right)CVC Senior Leader Scott Croonquist, Winner David Kaufman, MD, CVC Senior Leader Paul Matherne and Associate Chief Karin League
Third Prize -   iPod 16GB (From left to right)CVC Volunteer Faith Garrison, CVC Senior Leader Scott Croonquist, Supervisor Tonya Swarey, Prize Volunteer Elisabeth Dunkle, CVC Senior Leaders Mary Ann Harkins and Paul Matherne, MD.
Second Prize -  $100 Morrison's Gift Card (From left to right) Chief Larry Fitzgerald, CVC Volunteer Lenke Mann, Winner of $100.00 Morrison's Gift Card Samantha Jane Anderson Jackson and CVC Senior Leader Scott Croonquist
First Prize -  LCD/HD 39" TV (From left to right) CVC Senior Leaders Mary Ann Harkins and Scott Croonquist, CVC Winner Christine Baker, CVC Volunteer Lora Carver and Surgical Services Administrator Donna Via