Online Study about Alcohol and Contraception Use


Contraception and Alcohol Risk Reduction Internet Intervention (CARRII) Pilot RCT

Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences

Ingersoll Karen, S

Women ages 18 to 44 who drink alcohol and are sexually active are needed for an online study. The study will test if an online intervention changes health behaviors among women not planning a pregnancy at this time. The NIH-funded University of Virginia research study involves using an Internet program (website) for about two months. Participants complete telephone interviews, online questionnaires and daily diaries at three different times during a 6 month period. The information provided is kept in a way as to protect the identity of participants. Participants receive free access to the Internet program and up to $150 in gift certificates for completing questionnaires and diaries on time. To learn more, go to or call toll free 855-488-2248 or 855-4UVABHT. IRB-HSR #17319

Alcohol abuse/Alcoholism
Sex/Sexuality/Sexual Behavior Study

Women's Health


Up to $150 in gift certificates

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