Research study for pregnant women ages 18-48


Genetic and demographic factors that influence the pain and progress of labor


Durieux Marcel, E

UVa Health System, Department of Anesthesiology seeks women ages (18 to 48 years) with term pregnancy for research study. The purpose of the study is to increase our understanding of the labor pain and labor progress variation between women. We believe that there may be certain genes that could help to predict duration of labor and pain intensity. Study involves collecting your “routinely taken” labor progress and pain information, 3 cc blood draws with few more questions about your pain perception and you past menstrual history. No compensation is provided for this study. For more information please contact: Dr. Abdullah S. Terkawi, Department of Anesthesiology P.O. Box 800710 • Charlottesville, VA 22908-0710 Tel: 434-924-2283 • Fax: 434-982-0019 Email: IRb-HSR 17054 Principal Investigator: Dr. Marcel E. Durieux


Women's Health


No Compensation

Abdullah Terkawi