Have You Had An ACL Injury?


Central and Peripheral Nervous System Adaptations Across the Spectrum of ACL Injury and Reconstruction


Hart Joseph, M

UVa Health System, seeks adults ages 18-45, who have had an ACL injury and reconstruction for research study. The purpose of this research study is to compare measures of muscle strength and functional ability at different time points after ACL reconstruction. This study involves several tests to determine how well your thigh muscles function. One study visit is required that lasts about 2 hours. • Study-related muscle testing provided free of charge. • Participants will be compensated $20 for completion of the study. For more information please contact: • Grant Norte, MEd, ATC • (434) 924-6184 • gen5e@virginia.edu • IRB-HSR #16997 Principal Investigator: Joe Hart, PhD, ATC Human Services - Kinesiology

Knee Pain/Injury
Knee Surgery Study

Musculoskeletal/Sports Medicine


Participants will be compensated $20 for completion of the study

Grant Norte