Research study for women: an Internet program about drinking and birth control use


Contraception and Alcohol Risk Reduction Internet Intervention Formative Studies

Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences

Ingersoll Karen, S

UVA Health System Department of Psychiatry is seeking help with a research study! Needed: Women ages 18 to 44 willing to try a new Internet program about drinking and birth control use. Phase 1: Website Content Review in Lab • Review content and provide feedback • Time required=2 hours • Compensation $30 Phase 2: Website Usability Testing in Lab • Use website and provide feedback • Time required=half day • Compensation $50 Phase 3: Website Testing at Home • Use website and provide feedback in a follow-up interview • Time required=10 hours to use program plus 1 hour phone interview • Compensation $150 TO START: go to and complete an interest form. The study coordinator will contact you to schedule a phone interview to see if you are eligible for this study. Free, convenient parking at 310 Old Ivy Way.

Alcohol abuse/Alcoholism

Women's Health


Compensation $150

Christina Frederick