Research study about insulin resistance* for adults with and without MS


A Measure of Insulin Resistance in the Multiple Sclerosis Population


Goldman Myla, D

*Insulin resistance is one of several symptoms that when viewed together are called Metabolic Syndrome. Metabolic Syndrome includes insulin resistance, obesity, high blood pressure and reduced tolerance to high carbohydrate meals. Sometimes patients' blood work reveals high triglyceride levels too. Taken together, these factors alert doctors that patients may be heading toward Type 2 or Adult Onset Diabetes, a serious disease UVa Health System, Department of Neurology wants to see if insulin resistance is more common in the MS population than in the non-MS population. To be eligible you must: • Not have Diabetes • Not be taking any glucose regulatory medications • Not have a fasting blood glucose above 126 mg/dl at study screening visit Study involves a ONE-TIME VISIT ONLY consisting of: • A glucose tolerance test for which you will need to fast for 8 hours prior to the study visit. A small amount of your blood will need to be drawn for this test. • A 6 minute walk test • Neurological assessments • Questionnaires All of these medical tests are provided free of charge. Participants will be paid $75 for a completed study visit Participants whose fasting blood glucose is >126 mg/dl will be ineligible to complete the study, but will receive $25 for participation in screening blood draw. Contact Information: Rebecca Yeamans and Scott Koenig 434-924-5717 or IRB-HSR # 16663 Principal Investigator: Myla Goldman MD, MSc

Multiple Sclerosis
Insulin Resistance



Participants will be paid $75 for a completed study visit

Rebecca Yeamans