Married Couples Hand Holding Study


Neuro-chemical mediators of the social regulation of neural threat responding with marital partners


Coan James, A

Researchers at UVA are looking for satisfied married couples between the ages of 18 and 45 to participate in a new study investigating the effects of handholding on brain function. You must be married for at least 2 years, and cannot have any permanent metal in your body. If eligible, couples will be asked to come in for a 3-hour visit. One person will undergo an MRI brain scan while the other holds their hand. Both participants will receive a mild uncomfortable shock. In return, participants will receive $200 per couple (or $100 per person) for participating. For more information, or if you are interested in participating, please contact the Virginia Affective Neuroscience Lab’s Project Coordinator, Sara Medina, at IRB-HSR 16617

Brain Function Study

Healthy Subjects - Outpatient


$200 per couple (or $100 per person) for participating.

Sara Medina-DeVilliers