Children and Adults with or without joint injury of the leg are needed for a research study


Patient Reported and Objective Outcomes Pre and Post-Injury/Surgery: A Prospective Study


Hart Joseph, M

UVa Health System, Sports Medicine Division seeks volunteers ages 15-75 with or without leg joint injury, to be in a research study. The purpose of this study is to collect information in people with and without leg joint injury to see if researchers can predict how well people do after joint injury or surgery. The study involves questionnaires and strength testing. You will return either yearly or twice yearly for study visits, for 5 years. Each study visit will last about 50 minutes. There is an optional study procedure that will add 45 minutes to the study visits. * Study-related strength and function testing provided free of charge. * No compensation is provided for this study. For more information please contact: • Grant Norte, MEd, ATC • (434) 924-6148 or • IRB-HSR #16471 Principal Investigator: Joe Hart, PhD, ATC

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