Healthy Women needed for a research study


Acute effects of progesterone on LH pulses during the follicular phase


McCartney Christopher,

Healthy women with normal regular menstrual cycles are needed for a research study about women’s hormones. The purpose of this study is to see is giving progesterone to normally cycling adult women during one phase of their menstrual cycle (called the follicular phase) will result in other hormone changes in their bodies. Participants much not have taken contraceptive pills or any other hormonal medication for 2 months prior to and during the study. Three short outpatient visits and two 12 hour outpatient visits at the Clinical Research Unit at UVa will be required. Volunteers who complete the study will receive $225.00. IRB-HSR # 16085 Primary Investigator: Christopher McCartney, MD


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Cinthya Yesenia Obando Perez