Astigmatism, Contacts & Driving Safety


Evaluating and Improving Functional Driving Vision of Patients with Astigmatism

Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences

Cox Daniel, J

UVA’s Driving Safety Laboratory is investigating the effects of different types of contact lenses on driving for people with astigmatism. Following a brief eye exam with Dr. Stephen Record (Record and Record Optometry,, participants will come to UVA’s Driving Safety Laboratory for a 3-hour study. During this study, participants will drive a state-of-the-art virtual reality driving simulator three times: once without contacts, once while wearing regular soft contact lenses, and once while wearing soft contact lenses for astigmatism. You may qualify if you: • Have astigmatism • Are between the ages of 18-35 • Routinely wear soft contact lenses • Have a legal driver’s license and routinely drive Participants will receive: • Compensation up to $120 • Free brief eye exam • Free contact lenses • Learn how you perform with different types of contact lenses. For more information call 978-4090 or e-mail and ask for the Astigmatism and driving study.”

Contact Lens Study



Up to 120.00

Daniel Cox