Healthy men needed to donate semen for research study


Semen Specimens for Research Studies

Cell Biology

Herr John, C

UVa Health System, Department of Cell Biology, seeks healthy men 18-55 to provide semen samples for research studies. Our studies involve identifying proteins found in semen and studying what role they may play in fertility. Your sample will not be used to fertilize any eggs. Participants will be notified by email when specimens are needed and may choose to bring a sample at that time if it is convenient for them. UVa Dept. Cell Biology Contact: Dr. Jagat Shetty 434-924-2082 IRB-HSR #14558 Principal Investigator: Dr. John C. Herr, Ph.D.


Semen specimen collection study

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Compensation is $20.00 per sample.

Jagathpala Shetty