Brainscope Study


Use of the BrainScope EEG for the identification and prognostication of Emergency Department patients with concussion and traumatic brain injury

Emergency Medicine

Huff J. Stephen,

What is this study? This study is being done to measure the brain s electrical activity (brain waves) after a head injury. It uses a kind of EEG called a BrainScope. An EEG is similar to an ECG which measures electrical activity from your heart. The EEG measures brain waves. Who will participate in this study? 500 people will participate at UVA. Some who have had an head injury and some who have not. How do I become a part of this study? If you meet the requirements needed to participate in this study, and you agree to be in the study you will sign a consent form. Possible Benefits and Risks: There is no direct benefit, however the information obtained from this study will benefit other patients. This study does not present significant risk to your health. Cost and Payment This study does not cost or pay money. Gift cards are provided to healthy volunteers Contact Person Name: Lea Becker OR Aileen Watchko Contact Person Email: Contact Person Phone: 434-243-7375

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Brain Injury



$15 gift card for healthy controls

Aileen Watchko