Hormone Study for Girls ages 9-14


Suppression of daytime and nighttime LH frequency by progesterone in early pubertal girls with and without hyperandrogenemia(JCM024)


McCartney Christopher,

UVa Health System, Center for Research in Reproduction is looking for healthy girls, ages 9-14, to participate in a reproductive hormone study. In this study, we want to learn more about the hormone changes that occur during normal puberty. By learning more about normal puberty, we may be able to help girls who develop hormone problems during puberty. The study involves taking progesterone which is a natural hormone; the study also involves blood draws during outpatient and inpatient visits. There are up to 3 study visits in total, including one 22-hour overnight admission to the Clinical Research Unit. The other visits include one screening visit which takes about an hour and one outpatient blood draws which take about 15 minutes. • Study-related exams, tests, and medications are provided free of charge. • Compensation for study completion is $125 in Simon gift cards. For more information please contact: • Cinthya Yesenia Obando Perez • 434-243-6911, pcos@virginia.edu • IRB-HSR #13660


Hormone Studies



Compensation $125 gift card.

Cinthya Yesenia Obando Perez