Are you using crack or cocaine?


New Medication Treatment for Stimulant Dependence

Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences

Ait-Daoud Nassima,

UVA CARE is seeking volunteers 18 and older for a clinical trial to see if an investigational medication is effective in reducing the cravings for cocaine. This nine week outpatient study involves a screen visit, two weeks of baseline testing and nine weeks of visits. Eligible participants are compensated at each completed visit. * Study-related physical exams, tests and study-related medications are provided at no cost. * Total compensation for study completion is up to $440. * Participation is confidential. For more information call UVA CARE/ (Richmond, Charlottesville) 1-888-882-2345 IRB-HSR # 13419


Cocaine abuse/dependency



Total compensation for study completion is up to $440.

Mindy Borszich