Do you have Asthma ?


Screening Asthmatic and Non-asthmatic Volunteers for Experimental Rhinovirus Challenges with Rhinovirus


Heymann Peter, W

Volunteers (ages 18 – 40 years old) are needed for a study about asthma and the common cold. The ultimate goal of this research is to better understand asthma and the common cold and improve asthma care. The purpose of this SCREENING STUDY is to determine eligibility for the study about asthma and the common cold. Screening is ongoing and involves 2 visits. • SCREENING VISIT 1 involves a blood draw and the completion of a questionnaire. • SCREENING VISIT 2 involves lung function testing to verify asthma (called a methacholine challenge test), an allergy evaluation and another blood draw. Based on the results, those who qualify can enroll in a 4 week study about asthma and the common cold. Reimbursement for this next study IRB HSR # 14427 will be $1870.00 for completing the study. Compensation • Volunteers will be compensated reimbursed $40 for the first screening visit and $60 for the second

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Common Cold

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Volunteers will be reimbursed $40 for the first visit and $60 for the second visit

Deborah Murphy