Find out how salt affects your blood pressure and kidneys


D1 and AT1 Receptor Interaction in Human Hypertension: Sodium Sensitivity of Blood Pressure


Carey Robert, M

African-American/black adults are needed for study about causes of high blood pressure: generally healthy, ages 30 to 70, with high or normal blood pressure (BP), normal to moderate weight (BMI 18-29). Study involves: assessment of your BP and kidneys, 7 visits in 2 weeks, limited genetic testing; heart EKG, blood chemistries and urine tests. In this study, find out how you react to salt in food. We supply all your food for 2 weeks with one week high salt and the other week low salt; free parking while at the visits; $200 for study completion. Please contact: Cindy Schoeffel, MD Email: Phone: 434-924-1634 Trial Title: Salt Sensitivity of Blood Pressure IRB-HSR# 11494 Principal Investigator: Dr. Robert M. Carey UVA Health System Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology


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