Clinical Staff Office

Patient Care Committee


Administration: Jack Jackson, Office of CMO
Co-Chairs: Lorna Facteau, DNS, RN, and Chris Ghaemmaghami, MD


The Patient Care Committee is an interdisciplinary committee charged with coordination and implementation of the Plan for Provision of Care for both the inpatient and outpatient setting. This committee reports directly to the Clinical Staff Executive Committee and addresses clinical practice issues that extend beyond the scope of practice for a single professional discipline (medicine, including nutrition, nursing, pharmacy, therapies, social work, etc.) in all settings across the continuum of care.

Membership: Chief Clinical Officer (co-chair), Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs (co-chair) and Representation from clinical disciplines.

Meetings: The Patient Care Council shall meet monthly or as otherwise deemed necessary by the Chairs, but not less than quarterly.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Recommends practice standards for patient care across the continuum of care
  • Provides oversight to practices related to anesthesia use outside of the OR setting
  • Provides direction and oversight for an effective Patient Education process
  • Provides organizational guidance regarding staff training and competency for clinical care
  • Approves nutritional and other clinical procedures, protocols and guidelines
  • Recommends clinical policies for approval
  • Provides direction and oversight for the Critical Care Subcommittee and the Acute Care Subcommittee
  • Approves and communicates criteria for competence in the various patient care settings
  • Collaborates with the Quality Council to monitor and improve patient care
  • Annually reviews and revises the Plan for Provision of Care and makes a report to the Medical Center Operating Board regarding the effectiveness of and recommended revisions to the Plan

Current Members

Voting Members  Area
Lorna Facteau, DNSc, RN, Co-Chair Chief Nursing Officer
Chris Ghaemmaghami MD, Co-Chair Chief Medical Officer 
Jan Allaire, MA, SLP
Children's Practice
Joel Anderson, RN, MSN
Adult Surgical Services
Tom Berry, MHA
Emergency Management
Michael Jaeger, MD
Bill Brady, MD
Laurie Brock, RN
Forrest Calland, MD
ACMO, Acute Care
Randy Canterbury, MD
Andrea Caulfield, RN, MSN
Adult Critical Care
Jim Darin, RT
Jen DeArment, MT (ASCP), MSHA    Laboratories
Daryl Gress, MD
ACMO, Critical Care
Holly Hintz, RN
Nursing Governance Programs
Jay Isbell, MD
Tracey Justus
Suzanne Fuhrmeister, RN, MSN
Nursing Practice
Stephanie Mallow Corbett, PharmD
Paul Matherne, MD
ACMO, Children's Hospital
Dan McCarter, MD
ACMO, Ambulatory Services
Robert O'Connor, MD
Emergency Department
Thomas Saul, MHA
Chief of Ambulatory Services
Costi Sifri, MD
Infection Control
Michelle Longley, MSN, RN, GNP PNSO President
Donna Via, MSN, RN, CNOR
Perioperative Services
Cindy Wesley, MSN
Patient Education
Ex-Officio/Non-Voting Members
Stacy Crowell
Director, QPI
Gabrielle Marzani-Nissan, MD
Office of CMO
Beth Mehring, RN