Clinical Staff Office

Infection Prevention and Control Subcommittee


Administration:  Mary Redgrave
Chair: Costi Sifri, M.D.


The Infection Prevention and Control Subcommittee is an interdisciplinary subcommittee charged with the coordination, implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive Infection Control Program.  It reports to the Quality Council. The primary goal of this subcommittee is to identify and reduce the risks of acquiring and transmitting infections among patients, employees and visitors.

Membership: Medical Center Epidemiologist and representation from various clinical and administrative departments within the Medical Center.

Staff support is provided by the Department of Epidemiology.

Meetings: The Infection Control Subcommittee shall meet as necessary, but not less than quarterly.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develops a coordinated process to lower the risks and improve the (proportional) rates or (numeric) trends of epidemiologically significant infections
  • Utilizes surveillance data to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement related to infection control (e.g., combining surveillance data regarding surgical site infections with OR database information to provide and follow rates)
  • Recommends actions to reduce and control outbreaks of nosocomial infection
  • Provides institutional direction for education related to infection control
  • Provides recommendations to senior leadership regarding management systems to support the infection control process
  • Directs and oversees all aspects of infection control including but not limited to operating room, delivery rooms, recovery rooms, special care units; sterilization procedures by heat, chemicals or otherwise; isolation procedures; prevention of cross infection by anesthesia apparatus or inhalation therapy equipment; testing of Medical Center personnel for carrier status; disposal of infectious material
  • Provides regular reports to the Quality Council
  • Ensures the appropriateness of the Medical Center Infection Control Manual

Current Members

Members  Specialty/Area
Costi Sifri, MD, Chair
Infectious Diseases
Daryl Gress, MD
Denise Barth, RN
Accreditation & Regulatory Standards
Karen Braden, RN
Emergency Department
Heather Cox, PharmD
Pharmacy / Antimicrobial Utilization
Lisa Cyrus
Sterile Processing Department
Jessica DeGrandis Lewis, MD
Infectious Diseases
Kyle Enfield, MD, MS
Assistant Hospital Epidemiologist
Eve Giannetta, RN
Infection Prevention and Control 
Rebecca Hill, SLP
Patient Safety & Risk Management
Kelly Morrison, MPH
VA Department of Health
Fred Jung, RN, PhD
Quality & Performance Improvement
David Kaufman, MD Pediatrics
Laura Lee, MD Pediatrics 
Rochelle Jobes, RN
Hospital Epidemiology
Cheryl Ward, RN
Employee Health
Amy Mathers, MD Infectious Diseases/Antimicrobial Utilization 
John Gilday
Emergency Management
Mary Miller, RN
Continuum Home Health
Christopher C. Moore, MD
Infectious Disease
Sandi Murray, RN*
Student Health 
Warren Nicholson* Quality & Performance Improvement 
Ceil Ouwerkerk, RN
Ambulatory Services
Irene Pandelli-Moore, RN
Perioperative Services
Mendy Poulter, PhD*
Clinical Pathology
Kathleen Rea, RN
Patient Care Services
Bill Rockwell
HS Physical Plant
Robert Sawyer, MD Surgery 
Paul Murchland
Environmental Services
* denotes non-voting member