Clinical Staff Office

Clinical Information Technology Oversight Committee


Administration: Hana Vratna
Co-Chairs:  Rick Skinner, CITO, and Michael A. Williams, MD, CMIO


The purpose of this committee is to provide coherent and consistent clinician oversight and direction to the continuous revision, improvement and evaluation of EpicCare and the other clinical information systems that comprise the Electronic Health Record (EHR) at the University of Virginia.

The specific charges of the committee are:

  • Assure there is consistent and coherent clinician direction for modifications and enhancements to the EHR.
  • Assure proposed modifications and enhancements to the EHR adhere to the guiding principles developed and approved by the clinical staff and the MCOB.
  • Provide input and recommendations to the organization about strategic directions for the ongoing management and development of the EHR.
  • Evaluate, prioritize and approve the development and implementation of incremental modifications and enhancements in the functionality and operation of the EHR.
  • Make recommendations to the organization about opportunities and practices that would support the capture, documentation, display, analysis and reporting of clinical information.
  • Make recommendations to the organization about the education and training of clinicians around the use of the EHR.

The committee reports to the Clinical Staff Executive Committee (CSEC) and will provide updates on initiatives and significant decisions through that group.  CITOC will have the authority to make decisions about use and configuration of the clinical information systems that comprise the EHR at the University of Virginia.  Decisions that significantly influence clinical practice will require the approval of CSEC.  Similarly, recommended changes to Health System policies will be routed to CSEC for approval.

Members Specialty/Area
Rick Skinner, MS, MHA, Co-chair Chief Information Technology Officer
Michael A. Williams, M.D., Co-Chair Chief Medical Information Technology Officer
Reid Adams, MD Surgical Specialties Representative to CSEC
Jim Amato, MBA Chief, Ancillary Services
Bo Cofield, DrPH

AVP, Clinics and Hospital Operations

Lorna Facteau, RN, DNSc Chief Nursing Officer
Larry Fitzgerald AVP, Business Development and Finance 
Cree Gaskin, MD Hospital Based Specialties Representative to CSEC
Chris Ghaemmaghami, MD CMO
James Harrison, MD, PhD Pathology/Laboratory Services
Brad Haws CEO, UPG; Chief Administrative Officer/Sr. Assoc Dean, SOM
Tracey Hoke, MD Chief Quality Officer
Jamie Hughes, RN Co-Chair, Clinical Decision Support Subcommittee
Jason Lyman, MD
Co-Chair, Clinical Decision Support Subcommittee
Sean Jackson CIO, SOM and UPG
Susan Kirk, MD Designated Institutional Officer, GME
G. Paul Matherne, MD Pediatrics
Rafael Saenz, Pharm D Pharmacy
John Voss, MD Co-Chair, Clinical Reporting & Analytics Subcommittee
Kirk Barbieri
Co-Chair, Clinical Informatics Subcommittee
Glenn Wasson, PhD
Co-Chair, Clinical Reporting & Analytics Subcommittee
Lori Strauss, RN, MHA
Chief Corporate Compliance and Privacy Officer
Michael D. Williams, MD
Co-Chair, Medical Technology Subcommittee
Melanie Lewis
Director, Audit & Billing Quality, UPG
Scottie Frey
Co-Chair, HIM Subcommittee
Nancy McDaniel, MD
Co-Chair, HIM Subcommittee
Ronald Turner, MD
Co-Chair, Clinical Research Committee
Lori Elder, RN, BSN, CCRA
Co-Chair, Clinical Research Committee
Rupa Valdez, PhD
Co-Chair, Innovation Subcommittee
Arun Krishnaraj, MD
Radiology & Medical Imaging
John Dent, MD
Medical Specialties Representative to CSEC
Eric Charles, MD
Housestaff Co-President
Kevin Dabrowski, MD
Housestaff Co-President