Clinical Staff Office

Clinical Decision Support Subcommittee

Co-Chairs:  Jason Lyman, MD and Jamie Hughes

The Clinical Decision Support Subcommittee will be responsible for promoting the effective use of decision support, for characterizing, evaluating, prioritizing and approving new decision support requests, and then for communicating these requests to CITOC. This group will also develop and manage an end to end lifecycle approach for all decision support tools, specifically order sets and BPAs, but including others, that will include education necessary for appropriate use of tools and periodic review of existing tools to assure they are still needed, remain up to date, and are accomplishing their stated objectives.

Members Area/Specialty
Jason Lyman, MD
Biomedical Informatics
Jamie Hughes, RN
HSTS, Epic
Stacy Crowell
Quality & Performance Improvement
Patty Dewey, RT
Medical Labs
Jake Gillen, MD
Resident, Surgery
Martha Hellems, MD
Rebecca Hill, MHA
Patient Safety & Risk Management
Jim Harrison, MD
Pubic Health Services
Tracey Justus
David Ling, MD
General Medicine, Geriatrics & Palliative Care
Christine Kelly
HSTS, IS Decision Support
Stephanie Mallow-Corbett, Pharm D
Kate McManus, MD
General Medicine
Amanda Morris
Dan O'Malley
Radiology & Medical Imaging
Binit Shah, MD
Dave Slawson, MD
Family Medicine
Lori Strauss, RN
Corporate Compliance & Privacy
Gayle Usher
John Voss, MD
General Medicine