Clinical Trials Listing

A complete listing of current clinical trials at UVA Health System.

ClinicalTrials Do You Puff??
ClinicalTrials Does Joint Angle Influence Quadriceps Strength and Activation?
ClinicalTrials Early Language and Literacy Family Interventions
ClinicalTrials Effects of Stress in Patients with HIV
ClinicalTrials Evaluating and enhancing driving ability among teens with autism spectrum disorder
ClinicalTrials Evaluating the MyPlate method to improve patient knowledge and behavior in a rural population at risk of type 2 diabetes
ClinicalTrials Evaluation of Post-Surgical Spine Complications with Metal Artifact Reduction in MRI
ClinicalTrials Evaluation of renal blood flow using Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound for differential diagnosis of acute kidney injury in cirrhotic patients: A Pilot Study
ClinicalTrials Evaluation of the Benefits and Risks in Maintenance Renal Transplant Recipients Following Conversion to Nulojix (belatacept)-based Immunosuppression
ClinicalTrials Examining the Effectiveness of In-Vehicle Auditory Public Traffic Information Compared with Roadside Dynamic Message Signs
ClinicalTrials Find out how salt affects your blood pressure and kidneys
ClinicalTrials Functional Neuroimaging Studies of Psi Processes
ClinicalTrials Glaucoma Study
ClinicalTrials Glaucoma Treatment Study
ClinicalTrials Gynecologic oncology patient, 65 or older wanted for frailty study.
ClinicalTrials Have you had a knee injury?
ClinicalTrials Have You Had An ACL Injury?
ClinicalTrials Have You Had An ACL Injury?
ClinicalTrials Have You Recently STOPPED Drinking Alcohol?
ClinicalTrials Healthy adults ages 18-65 who can walk unaided are needed for a research study
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