Clinical Trials Listing

A complete listing of current clinical trials at UVA Health System.

ClinicalTrials Children and adolescents with Tourette's sought for research study
ClinicalTrials Children and Adults with or without joint injury of the leg are needed for a research study
ClinicalTrials Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes following Osteochondral Autograft Transfer for Full-Thickness Chondral Lesions of the Knee
ClinicalTrials Clinical Research for patients with neuroblastoma
ClinicalTrials Clinical research study to learn more about the effects of the hormone insulin and high fat meal on the blood vessels .
ClinicalTrials Clinical Trial for Adults aged 18 and over with Advanced Melanoma
ClinicalTrials Clinical trial for patients less than 22 years old with newly diagnosed hepatoblastoma (any stage)
ClinicalTrials Comprehensive Magnetic Resonance in Peripheral Arterial Disease 3
ClinicalTrials Correlates among nocturnal agitation, sleep, and urinary incontinence in dementia
ClinicalTrials Correlations Between MIF and MDSCs in Breast Cancer Patients
ClinicalTrials Creatine Safety, Tolerability & Efficacy in Huntington's Disease (CREST-E)
ClinicalTrials Department of Radiology seeks Volunteers ages 16-70 with Acute Venous Thrombosis for research study.
ClinicalTrials Diagnosed with Eczema?
ClinicalTrials Do you drink and smoke cigarettes? drink and smoke cigarettes?
ClinicalTrials Do you have Asthma ?
ClinicalTrials Do you have Asthma?
ClinicalTrials Do you have concerns about nutrition and diet for your loved one with memory loss?
ClinicalTrials Do you have Cystic Fibrosis and chronic lung infections caused by pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA)?
ClinicalTrials Do you have dry Macular Degeneration ?
ClinicalTrials Do you have knee pain?
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