Clinical Trials Listing

A complete listing of current clinical trials at UVA Health System.

ClinicalTrials Research study for healthy volunteers
ClinicalTrials Research Study for Heterosexual Couples who have completed Prostate Cancer Patients Treatment
ClinicalTrials Research study for men over 18 who have had a prostatectomy
ClinicalTrials Research study for pregnant women ages 18-48
ClinicalTrials Research study for those who have had knee injury or surgery
ClinicalTrials Research study for those with non-small cell cancer
ClinicalTrials Research study for women with non-cancerous breast lump
ClinicalTrials Return to Activity Following Injury
ClinicalTrials Reversal of Conduit Artery Stiffness in Type 1 Diabetes by Mineralocorticoid Receptor Blockade
ClinicalTrials Risk Estimation Following Infarction Noninvasive Evaluation - ICD efficacy (REFINE ICD)
ClinicalTrials Seeking Adults with Central Nervous System Lymphoma or Primary Vitreoretinal Lymphoma
ClinicalTrials Seeking Adults with Recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme
ClinicalTrials Seeking Adults with Recurrent High Grade Gliomas
ClinicalTrials Seeking Adults with Recurrent High-Grade Glioma Tumors
ClinicalTrials Self-Assessed Insomnia in Patients with Epilepsy
ClinicalTrials Self-efficacy and diabetes outcomes in underinsured rural Appalachian residents
ClinicalTrials Severe Asthma Research Program (SARP) III
ClinicalTrials Smart Phones and Support for Successful Linkage to HIV Care in Rural Virginia - Trial
ClinicalTrials Spine Studies at UVa
ClinicalTrials SPRITES: SERTRALINE PEDIATRIC REGISTRY FOR THE EVALUATION OF SAFETY. A Non-interventional, Longitudinal, Cohort Study to Evaluate the Effects of Long-term Sertraline Treatment in Children and Adolescents.
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